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Missing Conversations

Missing Conversations

How do you create extraordinary and meaningful outcomes that take care of people, your organization and the future you care about? We at Altus believe all results, those that you want and those that you don’t, are generated by conversations. When conversations are missing, people and results suffer—learning to see the missing conversations is where to begin. Helping you and your teams have the right conversations with the right people to get the results you desire is what Altus is all about. Through in-depth interviews with incredible guests, we explore the power and practices of conversations. In each interview, you’ll learn how to see the missing conversations to enhance your leadership influence and impact and ignite a world of difference, one conversation at a time.

If you’re aiming for bold change and growing your leadership, teams and organization to create extraordinary results, we want to talk to you! Schedule your confidential conversation at altusgrowth.com/contact.

Recent Episodes

Episode #13: The “New Normal” and Leading with Resilience with John Register

Sept. 21, 2023

Elayna Alexandra and Steven Jones talk to John Register, an All-American long jumper and Paralympic Silver medalist. In today’s conversation, we cover:  Adapting to change, overcoming adversity, and winning in life Embr…

Episode #12: The Power of Healing and Grieving In Community with Lisa Simms Booth (Part 2)

July 20, 2023

Steven Jones and Amy Vodarek continue their conversation with Lisa Simms Booth, Executive Director of Smith Center for Healing and the Arts. If you missed Part 1, we highly recommend listening to Episode 11 first for the ful…

Episode #11: The Power of Healing and Grieving In Community with Lisa Simms Booth (Part 1)

July 13, 2023

Today, Steven Jones and Amy Vodarek host a conversation with Lisa Simms Booth on her personal and professional experience with cancer.  Lisa Simms Booth is the Executive Director at Smith Center for Healing and the Arts. Fou…

Episode #10: Building the Artisan Community in Africa with Alicia Wallace

July 6, 2023

Today, Kobe Bogaert and Pam Fox Rollin host a conversation with Alicia Wallace on artisan entrepreneurship in Africa and how accessing the US market can raise living standards for workers in Africa.  Alicia is the co-founder…

Episode #9: Adopting humanized DEI strategies for your company with Nicole Stibbe

June 29, 2023

Today, our hosts, Amy Vodarek and Dan Winter, are speaking with a special guest, Nicole Stibbe, the founder and CEO of the consulting organization Soulwork Alliance. Soulwork helps develop forward-thinking organizations comm…

Episode #8: Unveiling Medical Racism: Making the Invisible Visible with Kaytura Felix

June 22, 2023

This week, hosts Steven Jones and Amy Vodarek delve into the topic of medical racism and its impact on marginalized communities.  Our guest, Kaytura Felix, is a distinguished scholar in the Department of Health Management at…