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Missing Conversations

Missing Conversations

How do you create extraordinary and meaningful outcomes that take care of people, your organization and the future you care about? We at Altus believe all results, those that you want and those that you don’t, are generated by conversations. When conversations are missing, people and results suffer—learning to see the missing conversations is where to begin. Helping you and your teams have the right conversations with the right people to get the results you desire is what Altus is all about. Through in-depth interviews with incredible guests, we explore the power and practices of conversations. In each interview, you’ll learn how to see the missing conversations to enhance your leadership influence and impact and ignite a world of difference, one conversation at a time.

If you’re aiming for bold change and growing your leadership, teams and organization to create extraordinary results, we want to talk to you! Schedule your confidential conversation at altusgrowth.com/contact.

Recent Episodes

Feb. 15, 2024

Episode #30: Our CEO Is Blocking Team Success (And I’m the CEO!) with Andrea Bordenca

Dr. Steven Jones and guest host Sonia Bu catch up with Andrea Bordenca, CEO of DESCO Service and co-author of Growing Groups Into Teams. Andrea shares her personal journey of self-discovery and learning to learn which fundam…
Feb. 8, 2024

Episode #29: Responsibility Transforms Teams with Juliana Vergara

Amy Vodarek and Heather Neely talk with Juliana Vergara, VP of Leadership and Executive Coaching with accounting firm FORVIS and co-author of Growing Groups into Teams. Juliana explains how she came to recognize the distinct…
Feb. 1, 2024

Episode #28: A Mentor’s Legacy with Papanii Okai

Pam Fox Rollin and Elayna Alexandra talk with Papanii Okai, CTO of Venmo Engineering at PayPal, about lessons on leadership from the late Marc Smith Sachs. Marc, a principal of Altus Growth Partners and an extremely valued m…
Jan. 25, 2024

Episode #27: The Relational Leader with Sailaja Manacha

Amy Vodarek and Dan Winter talk with Sailaja Manacha, co-author of Growing Groups Into Teams and Leadership Coach at . Sailaja brings her background in psychology to re-humanizing leaders and their teams.  In today’s episode…
Jan. 18, 2024

Episode #26: Igniting Value in Cross-Generational Teams with Heather Neely

Dan Winter and Steven Jones talk about unlocking value in cross-generational teams with Heather Neely, co-author of Growing Groups into Teams and Principal Consultant with Altus Growth Partners. Heather reflects on the gener…
Jan. 11, 2024

Episode #25: Leading With Care with Bob Dunham

Kobe Bogaert and Jan Irene Miller of Altus Growth Partners speak with Bob Dunham, founder of the Institute for Generative Leadership and a contributor to the recently published Growing Groups into Teams. Bob Dunham has years…