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Jan. 23, 2023

She Said - A Lawyer's Movie Review

She Said - A Lawyer's Movie Review

How often do you get to hear what a lawyer has to say about a movie involving our legal system and one of the most high profile films of the 2022 Holiday Season? In the beginning of December, I went to see the movie She Said about the Harvey Weinstein case, with Leora Joseph. I met Leora at a wedding and one mindful conversation led to another...

Lucky us - Leora was  Deputy Chief of the Family Violence and Sexual Assault Bureau in the Boston (Suffolk County) District Attorney's Office.  Over 25 years of practicing law has brought Leora's empathy and intelligence to difficult conversations with thousands of victims. She has supervised specialized units involving the most vulnerable victims - human trafficking, domestic violence, sexual abuse, elder abuse - and oversaw all the District Attorney’s special projects and community involvement in areas of intimate crimes.

Since moving to Colorado, she has been the Managing Chief Deputy District Attorney, Colorado Chief Of Staff in the Office of the Attorney General for Colorado, Managing Chief Deputy District Attorney, General Counsel and now is the Director Of Behavioral Health . Phew! That is quite the experience to use to fill our minds with insight about the movie and about the "collateral consequences" facing this generation. 

3 Takeaways (actually there are many, but I try and give you at least 3) from our conversation - the gist of which is that we have to be open to difficult conversations and understand that opposite ideas can co-exist:

1. Accountabilty and Victims Rights. We must learn not to judge. You can't know what you would do in someone's shoes. They do what is best for them and you have to respect that.

2. Speaking of respect - we must learn to respect The Constitution/Rule of Law and The Public Interest.

3. Learn to understand the nuance of Free Press and what it means for what we are told, how we are told and when we are told something that matters to our every day ways of living. 

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