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Great conversations and ideas
Love these conversations and always take away something to read or take action on.

My mom, My roommate
What a great episode! My mom recently moved it with me and although I’m not her care giver but I feel this overwhelming desire to care for her. This was very informative! Great episode and it’s great to know there are resources out there for adult children taking care of their parents!

Excellent, as always!
I’ve been listening to Robin for years. I’ve worked with Robin in research, and I’m thrilled to be following her in this new venture!

Joyful & Fun
Robin is such a wonderful host. I loved her conversation with Mrs Abramovitz. It was light hearted and such a joy to listen to. A reference was made about “are you the type of person that puts back the shopping cart or leaves it somewhere”. I thought that was such an insightful way to describe a characteristic in people. Thanks for sharing this!

Fly on the wall
I love this show!! It’s like being a fly on the wall listening to two friends talking about the most interesting and thought provoking topics. The variety of topics is perfect for the multi passionate human.

Great interviewer!
Robin brings so much knowledge to the table that her interviews are full of intriguing conversation. Her episode with Sarah Cordivano was full of great questions and good information. I look forward to listening to more episodes.

Best of the best
Robin is an inspiration!! These conversations are an absolute joy. Highly recommend.

Light and fun
Loved hearing this podcast!!! Can’t wait to hear these!!!!

Love this!
Robin has a wonderful voice and a very bright mind that inspires us all to learn and integrate helpful knowledge.

Love this!
Robin brings out so much authenticity from her guests. Feels like I’m listening in on really intimate and mindful conversations. Looking forward to more.

MindFULL Conversations Lifts Me Up!!
Listening to Robin Glickstein deliver her MindFULL Conversations is like getting oxygen for my heart and soul. She’s phenomenal. Everyone should listen!