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Sept. 12, 2022

Mothers, Daughters and NFTS, Oh My...

Mothers, Daughters and NFTS, Oh My...

In this episode, I have a conversation with Adina Glickstein, a writer and editor working between the worlds of art and technology in Berlin. She writes a monthly column about internet culture for Spike Art Magazine, and co-authored a chapter on the infrastructural history of Ethereum for On NFTs (forthcoming from TASCHEN, 2022). She has guest-lectured to students learning about blockchain at the Royal College of Art (UK) and Merz Akademie (DE), and moderated a panel about crypto and art history at NFTBerlin 2022.  With full transparency, she is also my daughter! Listen in as she tries to help demystify lingo and laughs with me as we seek to learn new things together.

Links that Adina mentions and thinks you will enjoy!

Spike #70 – Web3:


Panke Gallery:


 Net Art:


 Harm van den Dorpel:


 Sarah Friend:


Simon Denny:


Dotcom Seance:


Maria-Paula Fernandez/Department of Decentralization:


Toby Shorin/Other Internet:


Melanie Hoff:


Nina Protocol:


NTS Radio:




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