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Dec. 12, 2022

MindFULL Musings - ROOTsilience: Valuing Our Whole Being

MindFULL Musings - ROOTsilience: Valuing Our Whole Being

Today’s MindFULL Musing started out as a full length episode, but once I gave a listen and spent all day trying to fix the audio, I decided to “take the best and leave the rest”. THE BEST is my guest, the ever mindful Rimi Chakraborty.  Listen in as she tells us about about a new kind of leadership for women that keeps us connected to our roots. It’s called ROOTsilience and it values the WHOLE being. What a concept! 

ROOTsilience  incorporates authentic leadership exercises that are practical ways we can embody principles of the Chakra system, with tools and foods that root us. Check out the ROOTsilience website for information on programs coming up with ROOTSilence: https://www.rootsilience.com/

And while you are there, get your personalized ROOTSilence Leadership map and see where to focus so your path to well being isn't so overwhelming. Set aside about 20 minutes to go through the questions and get the feedback, FREE. https://www.rootsilience.com/f/the-rootsilient-leadership-map

And wait, there's more! You can join  Rimi on a retreat in the Azores at her luscious  lodge and retreat center, Feb 17-20, 2023. Here’s the link to learn more about it:  https://www.rimichakra.com/retreats.html

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