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May 20, 2022

From Nest to Next: Using GPS and Faith Maps to Get You Going

From Nest to Next: Using GPS and Faith Maps to Get You Going

Are you at the stage of life when you are pondering, what I like to call, "Nest to Next"? "Nest to Next" is the term I made up for those of us in the stage of life after our kids have grown and moved out. One of my inspirations for this time in my life, and for many others, is Colette, my girlfriend of 20 years. Colette has modeled “moving forward” to me. We met when our daughters were 2. Now they’re 24. We’ve been friends though life changes, house changes and now city changes. A few months ago, Colette and her husband agreed to rent their house for a year. He took a job in another city and she bought a camper van. Outfitted for everyday living, Colette has now made it her mission to drive around the country, help Habitat for Humanity and see what she sees, using GPS and faith maps to lead her where she's needed and show her what she still needs to still learn.
Episode Takeaways:

  1.  Instead of feeling "scared" of new chapters, try reframing the language to "excited". Both fear and excitement hold energy, but excitement propels you forward. 
  2.  Be your own cheerleader and chant, "YOU got this"! Remind yourself, you have life experience under your belt. 
  3.  Ask your Higher Wisdom, or whatever you call it, for Help. Then listen and pay attention. Chances are good you will see and hear an answer.

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