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Making a Marketer

Making a Marketer

The Making a Marketer podcast covers strategy & tactics for all experience levels, from events to social media, and everything in between. We have top industry marketing experts on our shows, and we have a great time! Hosted by Megan Powers and Jen Cole since 2017.

Recent Episodes

April 10, 2024

From Online Connections to Real-World Success with Troy Sandidge

Troy Sandidge is a past guest and friend who everyone benefits from listening to, y'all! We hadn't had him on in a few years (we talked Marketing Strategy in episode 65 and a mix of stuff on episode 81), so it was time to ca…
March 20, 2024

Personal Branding on LinkedIn with Goldie Chan

Goldie Chan is an amazing content creator who we have wanted to have on the show for years! We are so lucky we were able to fit into her busy schedule with this helpful episode around personal branding -- on LinkedIn, in par…
March 6, 2024

(BONUS) 49ers vs Chiefs BIG Rematch: Our Hosts Talk Social Media & a Lil’ Trash

Bonus Episode Here! And... This one hurts for one of our hosts. Having to produce episodes where we talked so much about football... when your team has lost (with seconds left in overtime)... is a little painful! It's a bonu…
Feb. 28, 2024

Explore the C.A.R.E. Approach to Marketing with Jessika Phillips

There’s marketing and there are business relationships, but are you including relationship marketing as an actual strategy in your business? On this episode we’re joined by past guest and friend of the show, Relationship Mar…
Feb. 14, 2024

How to Create Effective Short-Form Video with Jon Loomer

Short-form video is all the rage! On this episode we talk with a Meta Ads expert who is using short videos to teach.  The enemy of done is perfection and that is one of our biggest takeaways from our chat with John Loomer --…
Jan. 24, 2024

Cultivating Community: The Fintech Connection with Brian McCarty

Community, customer experience, and content that aids in the development process are all not exclusive to the fintech industry, but our guest on this show has a TON of experience in that space. Marketers and more will benefi…