Nov. 8, 2020

The Dark Force Strikes Back!

The Dark Force Strikes Back!

Kinda Nerdy Girls podcast episode 114 includes women talking Star Wars, The Mandalorian, Christmas Movies, Paranormal and more pop culture happenings

It's Part Two of Producer Johna's first watch of Star Wars and she's even more shook now that she's through the prequels! 

Kitsie Duncan from Oddity Files joins us with Paranormal in the News! 

KJ has a new TV crush thanks to Election coverage. decides she might not finish watching Supernatural and breaks the news about Johnny Depp leaving the Fantastic Beasts franchise!

Plus we do an international Kinda Nerdy Candy Exchange! 

Friendship. Fandom. Fun. We are the Kinda Nerdy Girls and we thank you for listening!