KJ TODAY and the Kinda Nerdy Girls Podcast

KJ TODAY and the Kinda Nerdy Girls Podcast

Fun, fast-paced & full of laughs! Host KJ is a long time entertainment personality who's a passionate fan of Marvel, Doctor Who & cats! Together, with her fellow nerdy media friends, this show cover the Kinda Nerdy Universe from tv, movies & behind the scenes of the comic con world to the paranormal!

Recent Episodes

June 15, 2024

A Christmas Story actor Zack Ward talks magical new movie and maine coon cats!

The latest episode of the KJ Today Show features the incredibly talented Zack Ward. In this episode, we dive deep into Zack's latest project, "Keeper of the Five Kingdoms," his iconic role in "A Christmas Story," and his lov…
June 13, 2024

Deboned and Derailed: A wild conversation about Harry Potter, Fallout and Chicken Bones

What shows, movies, books or games have you Kinda Nerdy lately? We had an absolute blast on our latest podcast episode, diving into some random fandom fun! We covered everything from the Fallout show to the new Lord of the R…
June 6, 2024

KJ cries Happy Tears as Harry Potter meets Darts

That's right. This was the episode I cried.  The latest episode of The KJ Today Show is now live, and it's packed with incredible moments and meaningful moments. We delved into the world of darts, pop culture, and even had …
May 22, 2024

The Curious Case of the Deflated Mattress

In our latest episode, we had a blast discussing the latest random fandom fun! We reminisced about our time together at PopCon and shared some hilarious moments, including a debate about who was responsible for a deflated ai…
May 15, 2024

Kinda Nerdy Night In chats Doctor Who, Resident Alien and recapping PopCon!

🎙️The Kinda Nerdy Night In returned featuring a fun discussion with friends about all things nerdy! From Doctor Who to Resident Alien, we cover it all.  🐱 Special guest appearances by KJ's cat Buffy wreaking some havoc plus …
May 13, 2024

Jeremy Sisto Talks FBI, His Place in Pop Culture, and That One Time He Held a Rabbit

From his current role in FBI to the classic movie, Clueless, Jeremy Sisto was a blast to catch up with! In this episode, Jeremy gives us a sneak peek into the episode of FBI titled "Consequences." He shares insights into his…