The Kinda Nerdy Girls Podcast

The Kinda Nerdy Girls Podcast

Fun, fast-paced & full of laughs! Host KJ is a long time entertainment personality who's a passionate fan of Marvel, Doctor Who & cats! Together, with her fellow nerdy media friends, this show cover the Kinda Nerdy Universe from tv, movies & behind the scenes of the comic con world to the paranormal!

Recent Episodes

We're back and we can do this ALL DAY!!!!

Jan. 27, 2022

Even the biggest Hawkeye hater on the Kinda Nerdy Girls has a change of heart and we are SHOCKED!  All your favorite segments with your favorite Kinda Nerdy Girls are back! Listen for an all new Talking Marvel, the Chris Eva…

It's like a Fricken Nerdy Weird Ridiculous Fantastic Explosion of Things We Were Not Expecting

Oct. 6, 2021

From Halloween favorites to Wiener Dog News, KJ and the Kinda Nerdy Girls give you updates on the latest Binges & Books recommendations, why Squid Game IS a must watch and why the Mario movie is going to be a disaster!


Sept. 22, 2021

KJ talks Archer, Dogs in Space and more with Saturday Night Live alum/actor/comedian Chris Parnell

Free the Fruit Punch Pop PLEASE!!!!

Sept. 14, 2021

KJ talks her recent con and celeb experiences while Katie shares the most exciting Playstation announcements for gamers plus a horror must see from KJ (???) in Binges & Books and that Hawkeye trailer in Talking Marvel!

Well Those Chris Evans Dreams Sure Got Dark

Sept. 7, 2021

Katie reveals to KJ the dark meaning behind all those dreams about Chris Evans, we discuss the exciting Chris/ScarJo movie team up news plus Katie's Gaming Update has 3 NEW games and What's Got Johna Weeping is a Disappointi…

FROM THE VAULT: We Talked Kinda Nerdy with Zac Hanson of HANSON!

Aug. 30, 2021

From the Kinda Nerdy Vault, KJ & Katie talked with Zac Hanson about his gaming favs like Destiny and Breath of the Wild PLUS favorite movies, comics and why the Happy Meal is still making him happy! Enjoy this interview from…