Dec. 6, 2020

Raging KJ and The Great Chris Evans Dream

Raging KJ and The Great Chris Evans Dream

A SPN Family Gathering gets emotional but is saved by KJ's crazy Chris Evans dream! KJ & the girls talk Supernatural's ending (spoiler free), Finding a PS5, Hallmark Christmas Movies and more!

KJ gathers the Supernatural family to work through how we move on! SPN Family special guests YouTuber Alana King and from Nerds & Beyond, Sarah Wylde join the Girls to let it all out! (And by let it out, you should know that KJ gets a little rage-y!)

Then 35 minutes in, KJ reveals the most ridiculously amazing Chris Evans dream ever! It includes a hotel room, a comic con, all the Kinda Nerdy Girls and lots of snacks! 

Also this episode:

Gamer Katie talks about gaming as a married woman now! (Congrats Katie!) AND the quest to find a PS5!

Bringing back the Doctor Who Holiday Special!

KJ gets into the Hallmark Christmas movies and makes Producer Johna so proud!

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