March 7, 2021

Ghosts, Golden Girls and What's in the Crockpot

Ghosts, Golden Girls and What's in the Crockpot

KJ brings her new TV show co-stars in to talk Kinda Nerdy about Disney+ adding the Golden Girls, the Cruella movie, NOT loving Bridgerton and all the paranormal things too!

A Kinda Nerdy Girl who does NOT love Bridgerton? Yep. It's a thing. We discuss that unpopular opinion but then all agree that the Golden Girls are the best!

You'll meet KJ's new TV co-star, Spirit Medium Tiffany Rice as we dive into paranormal fun and find out what she's Kinda Nerdy about...

Kitsie gives us a paranormal in the news while also talking her favorite binges on HBOMax...

And we get chills of the paranormal kind when we talk Comic Cons and discover the time the three of us all ended up together LONG before we even thought about doing a show together!  

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