Dec. 28, 2020

A Mando Mashup of Madness!

A Mando Mashup of Madness!

The Kinda Nerdy Girls invite the Kinda Nerdy Dudes to go Mando crazy on this spoiler FULL episode that's strong with the Force!

The Kinda Nerdy Girls unite with the Kinda Nerdy Dudes after seeing the Mandalorian Season 2 finale and as one nerd said, "this got dark real fast!" We ponder whether we want more Skywalker stories and decide which Star Wars movie we'd like to be in ourselves all while sharing favorite moments from the Mando and not so favorite moments from the prequels. 

If you've been waiting for your friends to talk spoiler free about all the Star Wars happening, we're your friends and we're here for it! 

Enjoy the first ever Kinda Nerdy Girls & Dudes mash up and please rate, review and subscribe where you get your podcasts!