May 12, 2023



Shalawam. Things are heating up as Esau's propaganda machine fans the flames of racial tensions. Between the nullification of Title 42, and Jake (Israelites) acting like true niggatrons, you can see that there will be race wars in America probably sooner than most people expect.

The Gateway Pundit reports two African American men carried out a drive-by shooting in which they killed a 66-year-old white man that was fixing a mail box.


Police said one of the two suspects has admitted to his role in the crime, explaining they just wanted to go out and “kill a white guy.”


Whether these violent incidents are staged or actually happen, I believe it is these situations that, at some point, will lead to race riots.


The Alex Jones-type Edomites now claim that the White man is under attack and hinting at a need to take up arms. Even while declaring a peaceful resolution, a subtle hint of violence exists.


Adding fuel to the fire that is burning within Esau's heart which is filled with hatred towards all of the tribes, is the alt-right media which is now calling for so-called White men to strike back against Blacks and Latinos. I encourage you, brethren, to watch and listen to alternative media and news outlets where these Edomites have free range to speak their minds. You will come away with a better sense and understanding of just what these devils are honestly thinking as far as how they deal with so-called Blacks, Latinos, and Native Americans.