This is a journey through Early Modern history.

I'm a writer, educator, interpretive guide, and historian. I'm a proud University of Michigan alumnus, and I love sharing my passion for history with others.

I want to make history more accessible so that people can learn about the past in a meaningful way. The people who might show up at a historical site with a passing interest and a desire to learn more about the site. Or the people who believe they don’t have an interest in history, but I might kindle a spark of curiosity. I see myself not as an academic but more akin to a public historian, an interpreter, or a re-enactor. And I want to communicate about the study of history itself, the profession, and the process. I advocate for the relevance of history and the importance of understanding the past as a means of understanding the present and how we can progress toward a more just future.

To this end, not only do I do this podcast, but I write a blog called I Take History With My Coffee, and check out the I Take History With My Coffee Facebook page.

If you want to learn history in the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee, then read my blog or listen to my podcast.

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