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I Take History With My Coffee

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July 18, 2024

50: The City of Constantine

Send Me A Text Message What if the mighty walls of Constantinople could talk? Join us on a captivating journey through the centuries as we uncover the historical significance and strategic importance of this legendary city, …
June 26, 2024

49: The Grand Turk

Send Me A Text Message What drove Mehmed II to become one of history's most formidable conquerors? Uncover the enigmatic life of Mehmed the Conqueror, a man born under auspicious signs in 1432 who sought to emulate Alexander…
June 11, 2024

48: From Crisis to Conquest

Send Me A Text Message What if one man's ambition could shift the fate of an entire empire? In this gripping episode of I Take History With My Coffee, we chronicle the meteoric rise and shattering fall of Bayezid I, the Otto…
May 23, 2024

47: House of Osman

Send Me A Text Message The dawn of the Ottoman Empire is a saga woven with the threads of strategy, ambition, and cultural synthesis. Our latest podcast episode transports listeners back to the early 14th century when Osman …
May 11, 2024

46: Origins of the Ottomans

Send Me A Text Message The Ottoman Empire, a subject of immense historical intrigue, stands out as one of the most powerful empires of the medieval and early modern world. Its rise from the rugged landscapes of Anatolia repr…
April 25, 2024

45: Machiavelli the Historian

Contrary to popular belief, Machiavelli was not merely a pragmatic strategist but also a sophisticated thinker deeply engaged with the lessons of history. In this podcast, we explore how Machiavelli's insights into the cycli…

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Ottoman Sultans 1300 - 1453

Osman I d. 1324?   Orhan 1324 - 1361     Murad I 1361 - 1389   Bayezid I 1389 - 1402     Mehmed I 1413 - 1421     Murad II 1421 - 1451      Mehmed II 1451 - 1481

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