Sept. 27, 2023

65. Best of Series - Homeschooling Kindergarten (and younger)

65. Best of Series - Homeschooling Kindergarten (and younger)

Planning to homeschool your little one starting from the beginning? Tune in as we talk about homeschooling for Kindergarten and/or Preschool and what that can look like. What should you realistically expect of your little one? Does your Kindergartener have to sit at a desk for 7 hours, trying to read chapter books and write essays? No, silly, of course not! 

Beth & Emma share their insight and stories of homeschooling all their kids from the beginning and give realistic expectations along with lots of examples of how you can teach through hands-on, activity-based methods, unit studies, and tons of reading. 

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Homeschool Share 


Find Your Homeschool Vibe 
Find Your Homeschool Vibe, How to Homeschool Without Losing Your Mind a book by co-host Beth Lee

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