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Thank you!
I am really enjoying this podcast! Very inspiring and informative. Keep up the great work.

You’ve given me the courage and strength to know I can homeschool.
I’ve wanted to homeschool since planning my second set of kids. I’ve done public school with my teenagers (now junior & sophomore). It worked for that part of my life, but I really realized how down hill public schools have gone and I want to keep and build a closer relationship with my littles. I want to travel the world and show them history or whatever we are learning about. I want my kids to be able to choose what they want to learn and love learning. I have being confined to a school schedule and want the flexibility and freedom. I love this podcast and it’s given me the belief that I can do this. Thank you ladies!

Great info
I’m a new homeschool mom and enjoying all the info from these ladies!

Great insight
I like that these two ladies have different personalities and share their different views/take on homeschooling. Casual, humble, helpful conversation in every episode. Keep it coming 👏

New to homeschooling
I’m so thankful I found this podcast. It really just feels like listening to a conversation between two friends who know all the ins and outs of homeschooling. This makes me feel so much better about my decision to homeschool. My oldest is only 4 so it’s just the beginning but it’s really helped me feel more confident in my decision. Thank you for sharing all you valuable information and experience !

Thank you
First time homeschooling mom. Thank you for sharing all your experiences.

Wonderful Podcast!
Great ideas with helpful & informative information for homeschool families. I look to listening to it each week! Wendy E.

Homeschool for life
All the episodes are chuck full of great nuggets for homeschool families new and seasoned. You guys have a wonderful presences and are a joy to listen to.

Helpful Homeschool Podcast
Great podcast! Helps all homeschooling parents regardless of your child’s age. They provide you with so much useful information and give you their insights on how to navigate the homeschooling world best. Honestly, listening to their podcast has relieved my anxiety about my family’s future of homeschooling. So glad I stumbled upon it!

Peaceful Homeschooling:
As many public schools fail, and discipline and consequences, become nonexistent, I understand why parents are examining homeschooling. As a mother of five, and only one choosing to homeschool, I’ve seen such a difference in the attitudes of my grandchildren. All of my children had allergies and asthma. If I’d known how hard it was for them, I’d have chosen to homeschool. I even had a teacher of a second grade child, report me to CPS for too many absences in the spring. They all missed too much school in allergy season. In terms of self esteem and confidence alone, I should have homeschooled. Instead, I have five adult children, with social anxiety. Does anyone else notice this? Probably not, because they’ve each adapted to not showing it or avoidance of certain situations that cause their anxiety. My experiences make me an advocate for school choice. Charter schools have a higher success rate, for very good reasons, the uniforms and discipline support peaceful learning, as does homeschooling.

Thank you!
These two ladies are wonderful! I really enjoyed listening to the first two episodes and hearing their personal experiences with homeschooling. It was inspiring and really affirming at to why we choose to homeschool. My son has sensory processing disorder too and being able to have an active, loving and grounding part in his daily life is priceless. Along with the fact that I don’t want to hand him off to a school- I want to be an integral part of his education and not miss out on the tons of fun stuff he likes to do. I enjoy learning right along with him! Can’t wait to hear more. Thank you so much Emma and Beth!

As a mom who has been homeschooling her 4 kids since day 1, sometimes we get stuck in the same pattern or same routines and it was inspiring to hear Emma talk about finding your child’s passion and really peaking their interests!

Well done!
This podcast with Beth and Emma is top notch! As this being the first episode, Emma is Interviewed. Thank you for sharing your story of your homeschool journey up to this point. Hopefully, this will inspire families to consider homeschooling and the fun adventure learning can be, as well as bring the family unit closer together.