Head to Heart

Head to Heart podcast is a weekly podcast designed to be a safe space to admit what we truly believe in our hearts. We all know the difference between just having Biblical knowledge floating around in our heads & actually believing that it’s true. There is a mix of solo episodes & interviews with friends who have experienced the freedom that comes when head knowledge becomes heart knowledge. We’ll talk about overcoming lies in our relationships, mental health struggles, and the way we see ourselves.

Recent Episodes

June 21, 2024

S5E14: Is The Husband Really The "Head of the Home"?

Do you ever think you’re too assertive, strong-willed, or outspoken to be a “submissive wife”? Danielle Hanlon interviewed me about being set free from the belief that the husband is automatically the head of the home or spi…
June 14, 2024

S5E13: Why My Growth Is Not God’s Top Priority

TODAY IS THE LAST DAY MY NEW ONLINE COURSE, THE POST GRAD ROAD MAP: FIND YOUR NEXT RIGHT STEP, WILL BE ON PRE-SALE FOR $29! Get it while it's only $29: https://jenny-s-site-56d8.thinkific.com/courses/post-grad-road-map I h…
June 7, 2024

S5E12: How To Forgive The Unforgettable

https://jenny-s-site-56d8.thinkific.com/courses/post-grad-road-map Online course & Free WorkshopChristine Ramirez was the #1 most popular guest I had on the show in 2023, so I had to force…I mean *ahem* …request her presence…
May 24, 2024

S5E11: Why You've Never Heard a Conversation About Consent at Church

Trigger Warning: Since I am talking about consent, I also have to address a lack of consent. I mention assault and rape in this episode. In this solo episode, I talk about - Why is consent talked about the least within the c…
May 10, 2024

S5E10: How To Be a Winsome Witness To The LGBT+ Community

Pieter Valk is a writer, speaker and counselor and founder and executive director of Equip, which trains churches and leaders to make church a place where LGBT+ people can thrive while living out a traditional sexual ethic. …
May 3, 2024

BONUS: My Birth Story!

The prayer that changed my entire pregnancy & birth experience: “God, inform my intuition.” Hannah Penny has been on several episodes with me before, but today, she is hearing my birth story for the very first time (along wi…