Wellness Talk with George Batista

Wellness Talk is a worldwide podcast where we discuss the latest news in holistic nutrition and wellness. The main topics include nutrition, fitness, mental health and health trends. Each week we provide you with the support, expert professionals and tools you need to help you control your health.

The Wellness Talk Podcast can be heard in 60 countries/territories and can also been seen on Youtube and Rumble TV.

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April 22, 2024

Environmental Toxins Affect Your Thyroid and Health

- Legal Battles and Health Risks: The Controversy Surrounding Ozempic - Environmental Toxins Affect Your Thyroid and Health - Acetyl-L-Carnitine Aids Metabolism, Detoxification, and Brain Health - Dick Van Dyke - A Life W…
April 15, 2024

Will We Lose Access to Dietary Supplements?

- Health Canada Regulations - Big Pharma or Family Owned - Who Makes the Vitamins You Take? - The big revelations I had during my own health journey https://www.georgebatista.com Green Vibrance: v…
April 8, 2024

How to Have a Vibrant Immune System with Ted Parker

n 1992, on the second floor of a barn in the hamlet of Great Valley, NY, Vibrant Health was born. Founder Mark Timon, a nutrition scientist, had set aside a few thousand dollars to manufacture the first 500 jars of Green Vib…
April 1, 2024

Healthy Bones and Immunity Depend on a Healthy Microbiome

- The Bone Drug Facade - Bone Health Depends on Calcium, Team Player Nutrients and Gut Flora - Mechanism by which exercise strengthens bones and immunity https://www.georgebatista.com Green Vibrance: vibrance.georgeb…

Recent Blog Posts

Serotonin: Why You Need It and How to Boost Levels Naturally

By Christine Ruggeri, CHHC Do you know that serotonin plays a role in virtually all human behavioral processes? From your emotions to digestion and motor skills, this powerful chemical impacts so many aspects of life and body function. Serot…

What Is a Dopamine Detox and Does It Work?

By Christine Ruggeri, CHHC In our modern era of constant stimulation and instant gratification, the concept of a dopamine detox has emerged as a compelling strategy for regaining control over our minds and lives. It involves intentionally abstainin…

Legal Battles and Health Risks: The Controversy Surrounding Ozempic

By Steven Middendorp There are at least 55 lawsuits against Novo Nordisk for their diabetes drug, Ozempic that has been frequently prescribed off-label as a “miracle” weight loss drug. A multi-district legislation has moved …

About the Host

George BatistaProfile Photo

George Batista

Health & Nutrition Advocate

George Batista is a Health and Nutrition Advocate who was able to overcome his own health challenges using a combination of diet, lifestyle and supplements. George holds advanced certifications in Holistic Nutrition and is a member of the American Nutrition Association as well as the International Board of Nutrition and Fitness Coaching. After doing one on one wellness consulting for many years he started the Wellness Talk Podcast for the purposes of spreading the message of wellness to a worldwide audience. Since then Wellness Talk has grown to 47 countries and has exploded in popularity. George was an athlete and has also been a professional musician for over 30 years. George uses his passion for both health and music to empower and educate.