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Joe Bradley

Joe is Chief Scientist at LivePerson, the leading Conversational AI company in the world. LivePerson’s Conversational Cloud platform empowers consumers to stop wasting time on hold or crawling through websites and message their favorite brands instead, just as they do with friends and family. At LivePerson, Joe’s job is to combine conversational data and the skills of business professionals to teach computers how to talk to people and help solve problems. Joe’s winding journey led him to business and AI through classical singing, English Literature (BA), public middle school teaching, Mathematics (MA), and Physics (PhD). This journey is held together by a love of knowledge in many forms and the wide array of human perspectives that can create it. Joe is passionate about the intersection of science, technology, and human psychology, and believes that AI can (and should) be used to improve lives. Before joining LivePerson, Joe was a data science leader for one of the biggest
brands on earth (Nike), as it brought its eCommerce offense to life. Prior to Nike, Bradley was a data science leader at Amazon, working to personalize and simplify the shopping experiences of hundreds of millions of people.

Feb. 22, 2022

When will Conversational AI get Real?

In episode 140 of the Futurized podcast, the topic is: When will conversational AI get real? Our guest is Joe Bradley, Chief Scie…

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