November 03, 2021

NaPodPoMo 2 Fishing tips How to fish with kids

In today's National Podcast Posting Month Episode we do a quick tip on fishing with kids! #NaPodPoMo Tell us your fishing tip 607-378-FISH

November 02, 2021

#NaPodPoMo 1 Fishing With Circle Hooks

Its National Podcast Posting Month, so for the whole month we will posting one episode a day!  #NaPodPoMo  This years' theme is Fishing tips Want to be on the show?  Call us 607-378-FISH ...

September 28, 2021

Carp Herpes Tim Hoellein and Microplastics EP289

Doc Martin Interviews, Tim Hoellein biology professor Loyola university in Chicago where he teaches and researches water pollution  and trying to understand how pollution in freshwater ecosystems are taken up by freshwater organisms then evolved...

September 09, 2021

Eels are the Cure and Lure Love ep 288

The Crappie Hippie and Tim Bete made their very own Podcast, We feature it this week and of course we make #fishinthenews  This weeks news we learn too much about how eels cure constipation!

August 20, 2021

Wet Fly Swing Podcast Ice Fishing, Burbot, Brook Trout BONUS

Show Notes: https://wetflyswing.com/240 Clay Groves, the chief fishing nerd shares the step x step to massive success on the ice.  Clay is the founder of the Fish Nerds Podcast and one of the good guys in the fishing podcast space.

May 28, 2021

My Octopus Teacher Fonzie Fishes and Costa Sunglasses EP287

Mark helps us review the Netfix Documentary My Octopus Teacher, we learn the Fonze is not a woke Fisher and we see what happens to fishing regulations in low water. Thanks to @Boatsetter for supporting this episode and thanks to @costasunglasses for...

May 21, 2021

Wild vs Stocked Brook Trout Tiger Sharks and Ocean Conservation ep 286

Andrew Lewin is  back from the Podcast and Steve Angers is here to talk about the impacts of stocking brook trout over wild fish and of course we talk about fly fishing and his book! This episode is brought to you by Boatsetter Fishing....

May 13, 2021

Do You like fish sticks? Giant Sturgeon and science fraud ep 285

Mark Carter joins us this week to test out the copilot seat on the Fish Nerds. Mark is a Biologist and aspiring podcast cohost. Let us know what you think 607-378-FISH. Today we talk about dams, podcasting, fish sticks, fish travel, tuna and DOC...

May 05, 2021

How Climate Change Impacts Freshwater Fishes and Feeding Dead Dads to Sharks ep 284

This week Doc Martin is back with some super nerdy science about how freshwater fish are impacted by climate change. Andrew Lewin from helps out with the news and we find out why he thinks feeding Dad to sharks is a good Idea! We share a brook trout...

April 23, 2021

Wet Roots and Speak Up for the Blue ep 283

Andrew Lewin from the is with us for the news and Doc Martin wrote an original song!!

April 07, 2021

Seaspiracy on Netflix and a Convo with a Fin EP 282

Andrew Lewin from the joins us to review and talk about Seaspiracy Netflix's documentary. We talk about the film making, the bad science and some good too. THEN we talk to an actual #FIN or at least someone who claims to live in Finland, !

March 29, 2021

Finland Doesn't Exist Flroida Arapaima & Getting Ponds Ready for Spring EP291

Listener Kevin Jones reached out to the Crappie Hippie and brought some news from Florida Then Zoe is with us to help us understand the conspiracy theory that Finland Doesn’t Exist!  Need more Crappie Hippie? Me too The Pond lady is here to...

March 15, 2021

Z-Man ElaZtech Challenge The Very Brady Podcast and Farting Russian Herring EP280

Tim Bete and the Crappie Hippie tell us all about Z-Man and the ElaZatech Challenge. Tach is here from the Very Brady Podcast and we learn far too much about russians and herring farts coupon code Fish Nerds

March 07, 2021

Good Fish Salmon Skins Boat Setter and Carp Food EP279

The good folks at have sent us some Salmon Skins to try! our all star cast will give you an honest accounting of the flavor!  Then we are joined from the boys over at to tell us how our boats can make money for us when we are not using...

February 27, 2021

Brattleboro Museum Ice Fishing Culture, Community, and Conservation

Ice fishing has a long, rich history in Vermont, having played an important role in both the livelihood of native peoples and the recreation of sport fishers. It is a sport that has greatly evolved over time, from outdoor fishing with simple...

February 22, 2021

Z-Man WD-40, Brook & Brackish Flies Trout EP 277

Tim Bete and the Crappie Hippie are here to talk about cleaning old lures. Then Rich Collins and Geoffrey Klane from teach us about  Brook Trout!  Coupon Code FISH NERDS for free shipping and 20% off

February 13, 2021

Mystery Box Show Valentine's Day Sex Special EP 276

Reba Sparrow from the Mystery Box Show joins us this week as we chat about fish sex with our Chief Science Correspondent, Doc Martin! We have a great time and we fall in love all over again with fish in our annual Valentine's day special

February 06, 2021

Wildfish Cannery TINNED FISH SPECIAL EP 245

Ever wanted to eat Octopus mayo? How about Geoduck Pasta or herring sliders? This week on the pod in Alaska sent us some amazing tinned fish! Rich Collins and Tim Bete join me to explore cooking with these canned fish! Thanks to Lauren from the...

January 24, 2021

Fishing Excise Tax and the BUZZ SAW SHARK Leif Tapanila EP274

Tim Bete and the Crappie Hippie are here with Lure Love, they will tell you all about the Fishing Excise tax.  THEN Doc Martin Bings us Leif Tapanila is a marine paleontologist in the department of geoscientists at Idaho State University and...

January 16, 2021

Feather Thief FN Book Club and Trakker Products EP273

It's time for the #FishNerds #BookClub this week we are reviewing the #Featherthief and we are joined by #FishguyJosh where we learn about #TrakkerProducts on #Youtube #podfix

January 08, 2021

Mysterious Pond Organsim Rectum Sharks and Podcast 42 EP272

Crappie Hippie and the Pond lady tell us the story of the   "creature from the pond"  Christopher DeVoss From is here with some news! (this one is not for the kids)

December 28, 2020

North Carolina Fish Planked Brook Trout and MTV EP271

TODAY ON THE POD   Tim Bete is here with a new Essay and I love this so much and this one is so personal! We love Tim so much and his daughter Grace is a joy! Zoe Joined me to cook a Brook Trout that she cooked herself And I am joined by Lawrence...

December 17, 2020

Ice Fishing for Brookies Carp Tips and Green Sunfish EP270

@FIshguyjosh is in the cohost seat, we chat about #icefishing #carpfishing #greensunfish and more! We also feature @ronratliffs_marshdawn @instagram @Podfixnetwork

December 07, 2020

Ron Lindner Lindy Fishing and Women Angler and Adventurer Podcast EP269

This week we remember #RONLINDNER #Lindyfishing with the #CrappieHippie Tim Bete and Angie Scott host of Women Angler & Adventurer Podcast with our Segment #Lurelove