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A one-of-a-kind, behind-the-scenes look at all things skin care, ingredients, esthetics, and dermatology from those who actually know. 4 Skincare Authorities. 4 Points-of-View. 10 Decades of Experience. All at your fingertips. Just click 'play'. When it comes to the skin we've heard it all. Now you can, too.

Dr. Vicki Rapaport- The Beverly Hills Dermatologist
Rebecca Gadberry - The Legendary Skin Care Pioneer
Trina Renea - The Skin Master
Julie Falls - The Highly Educated Consumer

Recent Episodes

April 1, 2024

Rebooting the Biome with authors, Dr. Doris Day M.D. and Thomas M. Hitchcock, Ph.D

A sneak peek into their collaborative work, "Rebooting the Biome," provides invaluable insights into understanding the microbiome and nurturing the skin ecosystem.
March 4, 2024

Exciting News- 2024 Transitioning to Monthly Episodes & Introducing Our Patreon Page!

We are transitioning to monthly episodes in 2024. We will be giving you more blogs and show notes with links from the episode on our website, newsletters on substack, and we are starting a Patreon page with extra episodes, b…
March 4, 2024

DEEP DIVE - Taming Cellulite with products

In this episode, our host, Rebecca Gadberry, offers her insights into less invasive cellulite products. Join Rebecca and Trina as they guide you on properly using these products and highlight the key ingredients to seek out …
Feb. 5, 2024

Fat Transfer with Dr. Payman Danielpour

Fat Transfer for facial filler? What exactly is fat transfer? Where can you source and transfer fat to? We address these and other frequently asked questions that we know you've been curious about regarding the world of fat …
Jan. 1, 2024

Taming Cellulite: plastic surgery and dermatology options with Dr. Payman Danielpour

In this captivating episode, we are honored to welcome Dr. Payman Danielpour, a distinguished Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, Author, Speaker, Educator, and host of the Forever Young podcast, as our guest host. Join us as w…
Dec. 18, 2023

FAN FAVORITE FLASHBACK DEEP DIVE: 5 Ingredient Misconceptions + 1 Outright Lie! from March 14, 2023

DEEP DIVE: 5 Ingredient Misconceptions + 1 Outright Lie! 1) Hyaluronic acid dehydrates your skin; 2) The higher an ingredient's percentage the better the results; 3) Vitamin C products are still effective once they've turned…

Recent Blog Posts

The Truth: Dispelling Acne Myths for Clearer Skin

Hi friends,  I am thrilled to break down this great episode a bit more, Unmasking Acne Myths: Separating Fact from Fiction for Clearer Skin. If you haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet, please dig in with us. Whether you're pers…

Rebooting the Biome with authors, Dr. Doris Day M.D. and Thomas M. Hitchcock, Ph.D

Rebooting the Biome with authors Dr. Doris Day M.D., and Thomas M. Hitchcock, Ph.D Hi friends, We are excited to bring you the latest information on the new findings with our skins Microbiome. I encourage you to read the newly released book calle…

Important Message To Our Listeners

Important message to our listeners Show less Hello from all of us at Facially Conscious! We're thrilled to share that we've reached a significant milestone with 90 episodes recorded over the past two years. It's been an incredi…

About the Hosts

Trina Renea, L.E.Profile Photo

Trina Renea, L.E.

The Skin Master

Co-host | When Trina Renea became an esthetician she realized the key to success was lifelong learning - a goal that sets her apart from most skin care practitioners. 

For over 30 years, she’s explored the fields of cosmetic chemistry, medical esthetics, dermatology, and plastic surgery, becoming an expert in a wide expanse of professional skin care brands, equipment, and treatments. She is a member of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists with three certifications in cosmetic sciences from UCLA and continues to attend spa, medical, esthetic, and scientific conferences worldwide.

Now considered a skin master due to her broad expertise, Trina is a consultant to the Southern California beauty industry and medical esthetic community, selecting and training staff, developing treatments, guiding product selection, and helping professionals best serve their clients. 

In 2004, she founded the Facial Bungalow, a clinical spa offering advanced skin care technologies where she continues to work one-on-one with clients to this day. In 2008 she created Trina Renea Skincare.

Julie FallsProfile Photo

Julie Falls

The Highly-Educated Consumer

Co-host | From the surf of Miami to the hills of Hollywood, Julie Falls spends her days working in the entertainment industry and the rest of her time questing after all things skin throughout Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and anywhere her job takes her. She is the ultimate super-curious and highly-educated consumer our listeners can relate to - making her the perfect counterpart to the rest of the Facially Conscious team. Known as Julie.com (@juliefdotcom) to her friends, she knows way more than she should for someone who’s never gone pro. In fact, for every skin care product, procedure, ingredient, or tool out there, there’s a good chance Julie’s already looked into it. If there’s a question about skin or skin care, Julie.com’s the one to ask it - and the highly skilled pros at Facially Conscious are the ones to answer.

Vicki Rapaport, MDProfile Photo

Vicki Rapaport, MD

The Beverly Hills Dermatologist

Co-host | The scion of a famous dermatology family, Vicki Rapaport, M.D. (‘Dr. Vicki’ as she’s known to her patients and friends) has been in the dermatology field since the time she could first help out at her father’s Beverly Hills practice in the early 1980’s. Now the derm-in-chief, she sees thousands of patients a year, each one unique in their own way. She has consulted in product, procedure, and treatment development for successful medispas and skin care brands has appeared as an authority on infomercials and TV shows and has published articles on everything from the effects of the sun and its harmful rays to eyelid dermatitis and topical steroid addiction. Dr. Vicki is dedicated to bringing honest, clear-cut facts to our Facially Conscious listeners - info that could cost hundreds if she shared it during an appointment in her office.

Rebecca Gadberry, LE, FSCCProfile Photo

Rebecca Gadberry, LE, FSCC

Our resident cosmetic scientist and marketing and regulatory expert

Co-host | Rebecca Gadberry is a skin care industry legend valued as one of its preeminent ingredient authorities. At the forefront of many of our most popular skin care trends (AHAs, barrier repair, multi-antioxidants, pollution protection, free-from lists, blue light protection, peptides, microbiome, epigenetics, bespoke, and on and on) as well as one of the original cosmetic science communicators and ‘myth-busters’, she has received numerous awards for her work as an educator, journalist, skin researcher, and product developer - including being named the first Marketing Fellow of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists (FSCC) and the 13th licensed esthetician in California. During her 55-year career, she has been a leader in the growth of skin care from a luxury reserved for the rich to a 'must' for anyone with skin. She has developed over 1500 cosmetic products sold nationally and internationally in the spa, medical, on-air, direct, and natural product channels, published over 600 articles in consumer and professional journals and scientific texts, and taught the ground-breaking cosmetic science program at UCLA to thousands of industry professionals worldwide. Retiring from skincare in 2015, this passionate truth-teller has come back to address the exorbitant amount of misinformation plaguing the cosmetic sector, online and off. In 2023, Rebecca returned to teach the cosmetic science program at UCLA and is now Director of Product Development and Education at YG Laboratories, the company from which she retired as CEO in 2015. She is excited to be working with a tea… Read More