Crimes From The East

Crimes From The East

South Asian True Crime Podcast about twisted crimes & strange phenomena from the mysterious Eastern lands of India & South Asia.

Recent Episodes

True Crime Unsolved Pravasi Guyana

Flown Away - Part 1

March 16, 2023

TW: Mention of Birds dying This is a 1998 pravasi case from Florida! Indo Guyanese natives Moses Lal & his aunt Lilawattie moved to Florida to raise & sell exotic birds imported from their home country Guyana. They had a su…

Masala News 06 - Pee Boy of Wall St.

Feb. 28, 2023

You ever feel like filling up your brain with useless news? Gotchu covered friends! Listen up to some exciting tales about drunk elephants, a dog's phenomenal birthday bash. how 2Pac saved a Sri Lankan Christmas and lastly h…

True Crime Unsolved Pravasi

The Murder of Arpana Jinaga

Jan. 24, 2023

24 year old Arpana Jinaga was once a teenage technology prodigy who excelled in living life to the fullest. She moved to the US to accomplish life goals & live the Dream but instead an unknown monster turned her life into a …

Guest: Katy Accardo
True Crime Pakistan

The Dishonorable Murder of Sajida Tasneem feat. Khooni Podcast

Jan. 11, 2023

In June 2022, 32 year old Sajida Tasneem was murdered by her most dishonorable father in law simply because she asked to rightfully leave to go back to her home in Perth Australia. In our 2nd Collab with Sneha from the Khoon…

True Crime Unsolved

Seeta Kaur - Khooni ft. Crimes from the East Podcast

Jan. 3, 2023

Seeta went to India with her husband and four children to visit her ailing mother-in-law. A few days later her father gets a call saying that Seeta died of a heart attack in India. What really happened? We featured as guests…

Ooky Spooky Serial Killers Kerala

The Astral Murders - Part 2

Dec. 28, 2022

In Part 2 we talk about the motives Cadell Jeanson Raja gave for the murders of his family  - Astral Projection, the Devil, all made him sound mentally unstable. We also talk about Remote Viewing & Astral projecti…

About the Hosts

PiaProfile Photo


Creator, Producer, Host

A software Dev for more than a decade, Pia has had a blast diversifying & creating this podcast from scratch. Born & brought up in India, she has travelled all over the world before settling in the US of A which she now calls home.
She is a Superfan of sci-fi movies and all kinds of action adventure video games - Top 3 being Assassins' Creed, Horizon Zero Dawn & Uncharted. Pia loves exploring the unknowns in our Universe & beyond, facts, hard science & the woo woo's all immensely fascinating to her.
PS: She has NO fav serial killers because they are monsters who should never be revered in any way.

AlexProfile Photo


Co-Host, Digital Art Designer

Alex is a half-Indian, full-horror-fanatic, with a somewhat “gallows” sense of humor and a questionable moral compass! She is looking to fill the masala spaces in her soul with the Desi umami chaat of crime and the pursuit of justice.

After having spent a good part of the last decade filling the background of her life with true crime podcasts. Alex was gung ho to play the part of the somewhat-but-not-entirely-desi sounding board for stories of demented and macabre happenings from South Asia & so she is now baked into the DNA of Crimes from the East!