Crimes From The East

Crimes From The East

South Asian True Crime Podcast about twisted crimes & strange phenomena from the mysterious Eastern lands of India & South Asia.

Recent Episodes

Nov. 11, 2023

Bhootylicious Part 2

To be a Bhoot or not to be a Bhoot?! That is the question we never find the answer to in part 2 of this spooky series. There are SO many types of Indian Bhoots(ghosts) in the book & Alex had a blast delving into some of …
Nov. 1, 2023

Bhootylicious Part 1

It's Halloween week and we're claiming it back as a desi phenomenon. We're no experts in lore, religion or culture but that won't stop us from diving deep into the spooky waters of desi Demons! Alex read a book called 'Ghost…
Oct. 13, 2023

Deadly Devotion - The Madanapalle Murders

On Jan 24th 2020, the double murders of sisters 27 yr old Alekhya & 23 yr old Sai Divya in Madanapalle rocked India just as the Pandemic had put the nation into lockdown. Their family was so entrenched in the delusions &…
July 12, 2023

Masala News 07 - Jugaad

An episode about misadventures like the unfortunate journey of the janky Titan sub & an ungrateful Everest rescuee. Alex has a couple of tales for the Jungle News section like how to get rid of annoying Monkeys & a t…
June 29, 2023

Cast Aside - The Kaste Family Murders

In the middle of the Pandemic in 2021, Bharti Kaste was sick with worry over her missing family. Her 21 yr old sister Rupali was missing along with their mother, sister & 2 young cousins. Rupali had been in a relationshi…
June 20, 2023

Guest Episode - Bedtime True Crime ; An Unusual Order, A Vengeful Motive | A Fowl Scheme | Vietnam

As we prep, record & edit our next Crimes from the East episode, we would love for you to give this new podcast from 1Up Media a listen, follow these links: Spotify: App…

About the Hosts

Pia Profile Photo


Creator, Producer, Host

A software Dev for more than a decade, Pia has had a blast diversifying & creating this podcast from scratch. Born & brought up in India & now settled in the US of A which she calls home.
She is a Superfan of sci-fi movies and all kinds of action adventure video games - Top 3 being Assassins' Creed, Horizon Zero Dawn & Uncharted. Pia loves exploring the unknowns in our Universe & beyond, facts, hard science & the woo woo's all immensely fascinating to her. Ask her about UFOs! :)
PS: She has NO fav serial killers because they are monsters who should never be revered in any way.

Alex Profile Photo


Co-Host, Digital Art Designer

Alex is a half-Indian, full-horror-fanatic, with a somewhat “gallows” sense of humor and a questionable moral compass! She is looking to fill the masala spaces in her soul with the Desi umami chaat of crime and the pursuit of justice.

After having spent a good part of the last decade filling the background of her life with true crime podcasts. Alex was gung ho to play the part of the somewhat-but-not-entirely-desi sounding board for stories of demented and macabre happenings from South Asia & so she is now baked into the DNA of Crimes from the East!