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Love this podcast

Laura is so thorough, thoughtful and compassionate.

Superb Analysis Case by Case I’m Hooked

The case analysis is methodical and well researched. Laura Richards asks the questions, the important questions that need asking. Her guests are wonderful additions to each case understanding details and context. You walk away feeling informed. Thank you for what you do and many thanks for sharing! I can’t stop listening excellent podcast!

Second to None

This podcast will save lives. Laura’s professionalism and experience alongside her concise delivery and soothing cadence allows easy listening for difficult subjects. She does not sensationalize or hypothesize beyond reasonable conclusions. It is obvious she is compelled to produce this information as an artist is compelled to create art. Anyone who read the book The Gift of Fear will find this podcast a masterclass to build upon techniques for self-protection. Thank you, Laura.

Insightful, honest, compassionate, intelligent, experienced, provoking, educational… am I missing anything? Analytical, considered, topical, important, revelatory, wise! I could probably go on forever more. This podcast and it’s creators of course the spectacular Laura Richards! Have accomplished something really special. I couldn’t tell you all I’ve learned. Such a fountain of knowledge 🤩. Thank you, always. As a woman and a mother of girls and boy, I am well-armed because of you 🥰

Thank you Laura!

I’ve posted before, but I want to say again that I so appreciate Laura’s expertise, and her willingness to say the words ‘male violence.’ Try looking up the term even on the FBI website and you’ll find nothing. Use these words and people will immediately point out, ‘Well, women are violent too.’ ‘Men kill other men.’ Of course this is true, but the stats are clear. Women are targeted because of their sex, and that’s a truth that must be recognized.

Bad Vegan episode

I have to say that both parties in this interview are exemplary demonstrations of integrity and character. Brilliantly discussed with compassion and commitment to honest investigation into a crisis. I have so much respect for the host of this show and for her mission. I also have so much respect for Joey Repice and his ability to look at a situation that was so hurtful and costly to him personally from an emotionally intelligent perspective.

An educational and inspiring podcast.

Laura introduces and fully illustrates a term that gives us a new way to think about domestic abuse. Coercive control explains a dangerous, diabolical, and often overlooked form of abuse. She tells the stories of women who have lost their lives in part because of the public’s acceptance or ignorance about abuse. Every public safety, health, and educational professional deserves this training. All of us need to understand the forms of abuse we and others may experience, inflict, or prevent. We all need to “be curious, ask questions, and trust our instincts.” It can save lives. Rafi is an adorable little guy and he has an amazing mum . 🥰

Laura Richards is a gift

Laura went next level for me with her amazing coverage of The Batman with her Uber fan husband. What a beautiful analysis. I’ve been listening to Laura for a long time and have learned so much from her especially about DV and coercive control. It’s helped me immensely in my career as an attorney especially when I’m seeking restraining orders. I’ve never reviewed her podcasts before but now I have to after the Batman episodes. I loved her husbands knowledge about the franchise. I loved both their takes on the Batman movie. But I especially loved how Laura gave a plug for more female role models in comics and how ladies’ men are actually not so attractive. Love you, Laura Richards. You’re a star. The world is better with you in it.

Big admirer!

Generally grateful and inspired by Laura’s coverage and life’s work. Thank you! But THREE episodes on The Batman? Let’s move on…

Loved the Batman shows!

It was wonderful to listen you and Umberto interact. I enjoyed the combination of both your areas of expertise coming together.

Thankful for this podcast

Laura Richard’s is so accomplished, so intelligent and so passionate. She could be intimidating. But she has so much compassion and care. She interviews with kindness and respect. I have learned so much from her. One review said it was like taking a master class. I totally agree!

This has become a very compelling podcast for me to keep dipping into, I love the intelligent way it has been brought to our ears and I believe strongly in what Laura is doing. Bravo 👏

Like taking a master class in crime analysis

Imagine taking an engaging course from the best professor to learn how crime analysts see criminal behavior? Laura Richards was already one of my sheroes, but now I feel like she also here to teach us how to look at criminal behavior and call out the biases in investigation that allow perpetrators to flourish. Love this pod.

You are refreshing!

I feel like I’m often singing into an echoless canyon. You are an echo. You say things that are obviously true and have been true for thousands of years, and yet, yet, what you say is not said nearly enough. Women have been groomed. Misogyny is everywhere, mostly unremarked. I wish I could have lunch with you and reinforce your wisdom and courage.

Learning A Lot!

I like Ms Richards thorough approach to this topic. Especially appreciated is that she avoids sensationalizing the crime/criminals and instead gives voice to the victims. This is a show to follow of you are interested in learning about how criminals are able to function in society, and the ‘red flags’ to look out for.

Laura’s passion for advocacy is contagious

So I have been a true crime fan since I was 10 years old and saw Silence of the Lambs in the movie theater for the 1st time (don’t ask why a 10 y/o was seeing that movie in the theater…1988 was a different time and I could also buy a pack of smokes for 5 quarters at any gas station too :/ ) So here’s the thing about true crime…while i am fascinated, knowing someone else’s pain is entertainment has always bothered me. Now while I’ve always felt like reading and consuming true crime helps me be and feel more “Aware” that’s not the entirety of it… Laura fixes this issue for me. Her passion for advocacy is literally contagious. And really, if you love true crime, like, really love it, shouldn’t you give something back? Shouldn’t we be doing something more then consuming in order to help prevent and empower victims? Make changes for a better world and all? Yes. Yes. And Yes, of course we should! Count me in, Laura. This podcast is granular, victim centered and Laura’s gentle voice & delivery while pleasing and comforting to listen to, doesn’t detract from what is clearly passion driven work. ** So thanks Laura! For sharing your knowledge and spreading passion while still giving us true crime junkies a more justifiable “fix”. **It makes me wonder after listening to Laura, if this isn’t something she’s had to carefully craft over years in order to be taken seriously in her line of work. Just comparing her conservative, careful passion in juxtapose to say Jim Clemente’s fiery, raised-voice rants, full of F-bombs & exclamations… I love both deliveries & I have pondered this while listening to both Crime Analyst & Real Crime Profile over the last few years. Can’t have hysterical women criminal profiling and fighting to change the patriarchal narrative!

It's essential that this podcast exists. It's not just engaging and compelling, it will make you sit up and think. Magnificent.

Fascinating & Addicting

First discovered Laura Richards (a New Scotland Yard/FBI-trained criminal analyst) years ago on “Real Crime Profile “ and was fascinated by her unique experience & extensive research-based feminist perspective on crime, especially those against women & children. Followed her career ever since & was in awe of her relentless behind the scenes work changing domestic violence & stalking laws in the UK - not to mention the overwhelming victory of making coercive control a criminal offense. This podcast offers everything a true crime aficionado could want, from “in the weeds” deep dives into infamous historical murders and into Laura’s personal process of analyzing & solving crimes; to live Parliamentary hearings on anti-crime bills in process; to fascinating interviews with survivors, victims, professionals & advocates. Above all, Laura stresses a focus on honoring the victims of crime, & dustbinning the near-glorification of infamous criminals. I wholeheartedly agree with her core assessment - in order to reduce the outrageous frequency of crimes against women & kids, we need to focus not just on women protecting themselves, but on changing the pervasive attitudes of entitlement & toxic masculinity behind the men who commit them.

Educational and THANK YOU

This podcast is just amazing. Laura rightly focuses on the victims of each crime she covers and spends time educating us about warning signs of abuse and “murder in slow motion.” I’m a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner and have found this so helpful in my work, as I feel I can better evaluate my patients and give them tools to recognize their dangerous situations, and encouragement to get out. A friend of mine recently found out her husband was cheating on her and this was her final straw in the marriage; she filed for divorce but he was not aware she was planning this. He threatened to kill himself with a butcher knife while standing right in front of her, and when she told me this I knew it was absolutely a major red flag. Using tools from Laura’s podcast and Instagram account I was able to help my friend understand just how dangerous this behavior is for her and her kids; she has since filed a restraining order and out multiple security measures in place, and is in therapy. I’m so proud of her and so thankful for Laura’s deeply meaningful and important work!

Best Educational True Crime Podcast

This is such an important podcast. Firstly, it respects the victims of these heinous crimes rather than focusing on the perpetrators. Laura, having years of professional training and expertise, does not sensationalize or try to make these stories cheap “entertainment”, but rather explains, educates, gives voice to victims and through this method, empowers. Excellent and valuable work.

Fantastic as always!

Laura Richards is so great. I love listening to her. I lover her passion and her knowledge. I learn something everytime I listen. If I were younger I'd want to grow up to be her.

Awesome Podcast!

Love to listen to Laura Richards and learn, learn, learn. At times I get a numb to the violence of the world but Laura Richard explains and breaks things down to understand. There is a 3part episode with a 17 year old Georgia (apologies for forgetting last name) - but oh! I instantly loved this person - I think we are all better off having these people share their stories and I am very thankful.

Excellent series

I feel as though I have lived something so similar . Laura, your ability to listen and educate is just wonderful. I was lucky as the San Antonio police and my attorney were awesome and my family helped me right when I filed for both a protective order and a divorce. I still was terribly abused after the separation through the divorce ….. but I’m out and free. I started over at 56 and didn’t look back. So much more happened and I’ll share when I can. Thank you for your podcast, your advocacy and for giving us voices.

So important!

Laura has taught me so much about coercive control, stalking, femicide, and intimate partner abuse. I recommend this podcast to everyone I meet, especially the episodes on Deconstructing Coercive Control and Preventing Murder in Slow Motion. Thank you for your tireless (<—stupid word because it’s exhausting) work and congratulations on the new little man in your life.

Triggering and so familiar

As a survivor of coercive control , physical , mental , financial and legal abuse …. I am consistently amazed at how similar our stories are. The Asia’s is real. Why we stay is real. How we get out safely is a miracle. Therapy helped be realize the enormity of what I survived. This podcast helped me feel more normal. Prayers to all of the survivors and for those who didn’t make it out. Thanks Laura Richards for your insightful and compassionate coverage. You make a difference.

Best analysis out there of intimate partner violence

As a professional in this field (and a survivor) I can’t recommend this podcast enough. Laura Richards is whip smart, not at all able to be intimidated, and an absolute warrior for women. Thank you Laura! You inspire me to keep going back on tough days


Supremely educational and mandatory listening for anyone that wants to understand human behavior in relation to crime.

Almost perfect- needs trans inclusionary language though

Empathy and concern for victims takes the front seat with sharp intellect and analysis by its side. I loveeee this host, she makes me feel less alone. My one complaint is in an early episode a woman’s vagina was referred to as her womanhood and as someone with lots of trans people in my life, it kinda stung. Is my friend not a woman because she doesn’t have a vagina? Of course not. I think this podcast would be perfect with some trans inclusivity because as the host says, language matters.

Another incredible podcast. The information relating to the DPP report is staggering. Delighted you focused on the crime scene photos Bailey had developed, the tips of the shoes, whose were they? Photos taken in the dark before crime scene sealed off. Thank you for unravelling another layer of of this complicated and deeply tragic story. Thank you for your untiring work. Justice for Sophie. Countess.

Tip Top Pod!

Super interesting and insightful podcast from the brilliant Laura Richards. Her descriptions of the location make you feel like you’ve been there. Her knowledge and understanding of human behavior and criminal behavior is unsurpassed and makes this a gripping listen.

I've been listening and reading true crime for years and the insights Laura gives are truly astounding, her wealth of knowledge about domestic abuse is extremely important to people of all genders and honestly, I recommend any podcast she's on.

Fantastic forensic analysis, putting the victims at the center of their own narrative—which often changes/challenges points of view at a critical time. The detail in these episodes is so detailed, I find myself going back to listen to episodes again and again, catching more and more detail as I do. It’s an enjoyable process that I probably would not enjoy if other podcasters did this. The empathy and action that Ms. Richards brings to every case and survivors in general is nothing short of a game changer. She has helped to go start to reclaim my own personal narrative and—although I don’t even know her—I am forever grateful for her and her work, whether or be podcasting or championing legislative change. Thank you Laura Richards!

Thank you Laura Richards!

Fantastic forensic analysis, putting the victims at the center of their own narrative—which often changes/challenges points of view at a critical time. The detail in these episodes is so detailed, I find myself going back to listen to episodes again and again, catching more and more detail as I do. It’s an enjoyable process that I probably would not enjoy if other podcasters did this. The empathy and action that Ms. Richards brings to every case and survivors in general is nothing short of a game changer. She has helped to go start to reclaim my own personal narrative and—although I don’t even know her—I am forever grateful for her and her work, whether or be podcasting or championing legislative change. Thank you Laura Richards!

Excellent podcast!

This is the most intelligent, thorough & dignified true crime podcast out there. Always an insightful perspective from Laura Richards with deep-dive analyses, eloquently delivered (with an accent that is genuinely endearing to the typical American fan-girl 😊…) I appreciate that she reads all of the promos herself - it’s a welcome change to the usual sudden, loud, late-night assault to the earbuds.

Terrific, timely, and top priority

If you want evidence-based information that provides insight into behavior, biased perception, and how certain attitudes are societally ingrained, you can ask for no better educator than Laura Richards. Teacher, student, and advocate, she provides information and understanding that allows the listener to truly see the world around them and understand it fully so that we can, bit by bit, change things to make them more equitable and better. Thank you for a wonderful show.

Thank you Laura for supporting women by giving us the strength to speak up and leave these bad situations. You are saving lives and shutting down these brutal bullies.


Laura Richards is my shero! She has a special place in my life, as I consume anything she is involved in. I admire her almost as much as my mother, and that is the highest compliment. This podcast is so well done and informative. Thank you Laura!

I absolutely love how Laura has went about analysing the Sophie Tuscan du Plantier case. It's done in such a calm manner, giving Sophie and the case the respect it deserves. What I particularly like is how she delves into the profiling of the chief suspect as I think this is vital in understanding so many aspects of the case. Something I want to thank Laura for is her simple and straightforward explaination of domestic violence and coersive control. This, no doubt, will help so many women who might not be aware of the signs. Thank you Laura.


Just when you thought you knew most everything concerning the Du Plantier case, Laura and guests shed much light. There is no sugar coating Mr. Bailey’s character, history of abuse and denial, and duplicity which they do a great job of highlighting in this podcast. Do I agree with Laura that this man had no achievements in life? That is simply not the case. He was a successful reporter and newspaper man. He dabbled in poetry and the arts. He continues to sell his homemade wares at market. He has law degrees. But he is a sick man and a very viable suspect. Just wish they could definitively nail Bailey and connect him to the crime scene and the victim herself. Why Sophie?? Not a whole lot of concrete evidence to connect them. But Bailey is a strange one with connections to the adjoining property owner and very well could have had a secret obsession. But nothing in his diaries or disclosed to friends about any interest or obsession with Sophie prior to the murder which I find not in keeping with his blabbering nature.

Knowledge is Power

Learning so much from Laura and guests! This is such important work and everyone should be listening!

Brilliant True Crime Podcast!

Absolutely BRILLIANT podcast by experts that know so much. Laura breaking down facts along with Jim is a treasure cove of informational facts. My favorite true crime podcast. 5 Stars!!! Thank you. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

I would recommend The Crime Analyst to anyone who is interested in the Sophie Toscan du Plantier case. Laura’s perspective is different from any other I have heard in the media so far. She brings considerable professional expertise to the table, as well centring the victim as a whole person. Listeners familiar with previous media treatment of this case and the main suspect will be punching the air as they finally hear a broadcaster (with criminal justice expertise, to boot) refuse to trivialise serious domestic violence. Highly recommended.

I absolutely adore Laura. Having followed other projects that she has worked on, I was so happy when I found this podcast. She is always fair and balanced but her focus on victims over perpetrators and her work with protecting girls and women makes her my actual hero!


Thank you for bringing some of the darkest realities of women to light. You are truly helping to start the change. Your work on coercive control should be taught in high school health classes

I have the greatest admiration for Laura.

Excellent expert analysis that puts victims first.

Crime Analyst

Laura brings it as usual, she’s an advocate for those that cannot speak for themselves.

Excellent, informative, refreshing

Brilliant Teacher! I love listening to Laura I have learned so much about Cohersive Control and in turn I have been able to help many of my patients. Clinically relevant and interesting. I hope Laura champions changing laws in the US as she did in the UK re domestic violence and coercive control. 🙌🏻

Laura Richards expose on the treatment of the women who were victims and victim survivors of a notorious UK serial killer is a must-listen. She picks apart the misogyny and incompetence of the investigation in a way that will open your mind and leave you reeling. It's amazing.

Thorough — Revealing

THE best crime podcast out there. I appreciate the focus on the victims as well as the broad and deep approach to the current day investigation. *The terrible music devalues the overall experience and lowers the expectation of valuable information.

Does it get any more important than this?

Laura is truly the most knowledgeable, experienced, hardest-working, best informed, and most articulate person in podcasting, and that’s not to mention her tremendously impactful career in law enforcement, victim advocacy, and public awareness. I can’t recommend this podcast enough, it’s eye-opening and extremely educational, the prevalence of violence against women and girls is horrifying and every possible measure should be taken to end it. Educating yourself and the men in your life particularly is so important!!!!

Finally some in-depth knowledge and real intelligence in the field of crime analysis. Laura's meticulous nature and highly considered delivery is truly infectious, leaving the listener wanting more and finally being able to see the crimes from the perspective of the person who matters the most. The Victim. Women and children now have a voice through her. Laura's delivery is impeccable, I am utterly hooked.

Laura Richards is truly amazing. Her passion and drive are insperational. I urged you to listen to her podcasts; which at times can be a challenging and disturbing experience. Laura, thank you.

Critical forensic analysis from a modern woman’s perspective

Have so much respect and admiration for all the work Laura Richards does for victims. I love listening to her logical, empathetic, and no-stone-unturned podcast.

Strong Analysis

Laura gives victims a voice. Great analysis of the case and impact on families and survivors. Highly recommended.

Aside from her impeccable credentials, experience and expertise, Laura is so very articulate and clear and champions the victims and their families, raising up the victims to front and centre, relegating the ghastly perps to only such mention as is necessary to analyse their terrible crimes. Follow Laura, too, in the Realcrimeprofile podcast and on Twitter, she's marvelous!

Listen carefully and learn ❤️

I devour my podcasts of choice. I listen at 1-1/2 speed on most so I can enjoy them more quickly. However I leave CRIME ANALYST on standard speed. So much to take in and think about. Dig in, listen, learn, and be empowered! Thank you Ms. Richards you’re our hero 🤟🏼.

This is an excellent, well informed podcast which discusses serious issues such as femecide, coercive control, domestic violence/abuse, murder and what needs to change for the system to do better.

Love this podcast!

I have been a fan of Laura Richards for many years… Laura is an incredible advocate for women, and for all victims of crimes! I love how she always puts the victim first! Thank you Laura for all of your hard work!


You can feel how much Laura cares about her work and all the victims/survivors discussed. Laura's passion and empathy are unmatchable. Thank you Laura for all that you do!

Kerri Kasem and Casey Kasem

Excellent podcast featuring Kerri Kasem. Insightful and thought-provoking. Elder abuse is not discussed enough in society. Laura lets her guests not only tell their stories and share expertise, but allows them to process their thoughts in a kind, respectful way. Highly recommend! Nanette

Forgotten Victims

We don’t have much knowledge in America about the massive manhunt for England’s maybe second most notorious serial killer. This went on in Yorkshire, England between 1969 and 1980, but the series of gruesome attacks on women gripped the entire country. Laura’s deep dive into the police investigation and criminal analysis of the perpetrator and his background are instructive to the point of mind-blowing. Everyone can learn from Laura’s experience and should listen to this.

Powerful and insightful

Episode 2 is outstanding. Richard McCann is such an insightful and compassionate person. I have been a fan of Laura Richards for years. These two activists together: there is hope for the world. Throughout this series: Excellent points on treatment of victims, the legal process, focus on the perpetrators, language used in these cases, and media. I was enthralled with this series from the beginning. More so with each new episode. Important criminal justice lessons as applicable in the USA as Britain. Highly recommend.

Excellent podcast

Laura is bringing critically important issues to the forefront, and inspiring us all to action.

She breaks it down so well!!

I adore her! I listen to her on Real Crime Profile Podcast. i am so excited that she has her own podcast. I have enjoyed the first few episodes. She breaks things down and makes you understand in a different light. So much victim blaming on women. I feel stronger as a woman from just listening to her. As women, we are to worried about others feelings that we put ourselves in unsafe situations. She really points out the double standards in our society and the world around us. Thank you, Laura!

Laura Richards is so inspiring in her relentless quest for justice for women and our rights to live our lives without being harassed, stalked, assaulted, or murdered by men who feel rejected. Thanks Laura for all you do to protect victims and tell our stories.

Laura is a hero.

I first discovered Laura on the Amy Sher episode of The Vanished. That case touched me more than almost anything I’ve ever seen or heard in the “true crime” realm. Its right up there with the wrongful conviction of Adnan Syed in Baltimore in 1999. But when I heard Laura speak in Amy’s episode I discovered my favorite law enforcement agent on the internet. I listen to Real Crime Profile and Crime Analyst because of Laura’s contribution to that episode of The Vanished. I’ve learned so much about coercive control - what Amy’s husband Robert Desmond (ARREST HIM BEFORE I FIND HIM IN CALIFORNIA OR ALABAMA AND TAKE CRIME INTO MY OWN HANDS) did to her was absolutely despicable and it sickens me to my core. I could go on forever about how I admire Laura, but, words really can’t do how I feel about this woman justice. The world is a better place because of her and I support any and everything she does. Thank you, Laura Richards. Thank you for all you do. You are truly an inspiring and amazing person.

Listen to this

I probably should leave reviews more often, but I sometimes forget. I found this podcast through Real Crime Profile (another podcast that I love). I have always felt while listening to RCP that Laura does an amazing as an advocate for women victimized by crime, and is just an advocate overall for women everywhere. While listening to this podcast, “Crime Analyst”, I feel like I have learned SO much, but stuff I feel like should have known! I was disappointed in myself! I have both a son and a daughter (twins) and I always try to stay on top of information for BOTH of them regarding: relationships, consent, violence, etc. Luckily, my kids have no experience with any of this stuff so far. They are 14 though… In the past recent years I have always double checked my facts and sources…but I admit that stuff I learned when I was younger was a little bit more hardwired. This podcast has really inspired me to look back at what I have learned when it comes to certain things. Thank you Laura.

Great podcaster. Laura is always insightful with her knowledge. Highly recommend 👌xx

Laura is the best!!! She is so knowledgeable regarding her topic and coersive control. This latest show about Britney Spears and how women have been portrait as crazies, unbalanced, neurotic, "nervous" beings, that need others for being "managed". The fact that others can tell you can't get pregnant is a violation of God's natural law. Our own physical, generic make up is to procreate and give birth. This is only opening the gates of hell for the government to impose rules or laws that would subject us. We are not only seen as inferior but as property. This episode was on POINT!

Thoughtful and Informative

Laura is my favorite true crime analyst. I am a huge fan of hers and the work she does. I learn so much on how I can honor victims and get involved in supporting them.

Amazing !

Laura is so knowledgeable and such a passionate advocate ! She is inspiring as a woman to hear her stories and accomplishments! Every woman should feel empowered by the work she is doing for so many and how we can help ! ❤️

Excellent podcast from one of the best in their field. Laura always brings such an insightful voice to all manner of crime cases.

The absolute best true crime podcast

Laura Richards is my hero; she does very important work. There is a lot of value to find in her amazing podcast. Highly recommend. She’ll give you lots to think about, that’s for sure.

You are amazing. Keep up the excellent work of speaking out about Femicide, misogyny, victim-blaming and toxic statements by ill-informed, narrow minded coppers. Women weren't put on this earth for "man". If not for us none of them would have ever been born. They need to be grateful, not hateful. It's when I hear of all the millions of murders done by males that I begin to believe in the death penalty in all countries worldwide, most especially when guilt is proven beyond reasonable doubt. Death for murder of women, and castration for rape.

The Best!

With almost 20 yrs in law enforcement and now retired, I find most podcast boring , overly dramatic, or just plain bad! However I find Crime Analyst to be detailed, specific, and honest. No drama, no fluff! Not only the best true crime podcasts, but one of the top podcast to listen too!! 5 stars!!!

Laura is a warrior. The messages she delivers here are based on facts, not hyperbole, and are incredibly important if we have any desire to live in a society that does not accept brutality towards women's as normal.

Wowwy wow wowser!

Laura is my new hero! She is the voice I have been searching for! Thank you so much for this podcast and sharing your knowledge and process.

Holy crappoly

Facts: The pace is fast The information is coming at you quickly Laura shares a LOT. Friggin love this podcast!! It’s revealed levels of misogyny I held that I wasn’t even aware of and I think EVERYONE should hear this message. (It is graphic, there are crime details so it’s not “for everyone”) I feel like a freaking rockstar (as a woman) after listening to this!! Womens for the win and Laura as the winner!!




An excellent, compassionate, thoroughly researched podcast. Kudos to Laura for holding the line by honoring the victims over sensationalizing the perpetrator.

The work and research that has gone into this podcast is astounding. I cannot recommend this Podcast enough In reframing the narrative away from the perpetrator and focusing on the victims and victimology is so refreshing and should be the method the media reports on such matters going forward. This made me think about issues that had never occurred to me before, the sexist and misogynistic tropes we have all lived with for so long and we shouldn’t have to, anymore! Thank you, Laura! keep up the excellent work, on this subject and in your current day advocacy work, you’re truly an inspiration.

Absolutely excellent. A must listen. So so important.

Incredible Podcast

Laura is a force that does not stop. We need more like her. Not only riveting but necessary. Why aren’t there more people bringing these types of issues forward ? Women are not valued or respected in this society and it’s tragic. Thank you Laura.

Tells it like it is

I love listening to Laura's analysis of how criminals could have been stopped if only authorities would change their ways. Laura doesn't just talk about what could have/should have been done, but fights to change policies and legislation to protect victims, especially women and children. She's a real champion

As a fan of true crime but also forensic psychology this podcast ticks all of the boxes. You feel as though you are solving crimes in real time and absorbing Laura's expertise as you go. Disturbing subject matter is dealt with in a sympathetic and analytical manner as opposed to the sensationalism that ordinarily surrounds murderers.

SUBSCRIBE! Obsessed!

LOVE IT! Laura has always been an advocate for women and is a powerful voice for those who need it. Yaaaaasssss 🙌🏻🙌🏼🙌🏽🙌🏾🙌🏿

Laura meticulously goes through the details of the case. There's so much in this podcast that I had never heard of, even though I've listened to other podcast about the same case. A great listen!

This podcast is so informative, taking complex subject matter breaking it down into manageable and understandable information. Laura is masterful, she cares deeply about the victims and their loved ones and that comes across in the show. I love how uncompromising she is about the way we speak about women, how victims of crime and coercive control and also perpetrators are described. I thought I understood this subject but I have learnt so much and at times it is uncomfortable as she confronts you head on with things that I personally took for granted. Now I see things differently and how the victims of PS were not valued and that women died unnecessarily. Cannot say enough about how good this is, yes it is entertainment but with the heart of an activist and Laura's relentless campaigning is inspirational.

Voice to the victims

True crime has capitalized on sensationalizing the murderers, not the murdered. Laura Richards puts the emphasis on telling the victims stories and it is honestly the only true crime I want to listen to!

Laura is my Shero

Laura is a real champion for women everywhere. I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to learn through her expertise and insightful analysis of victimology and perpetrators of male violence. Her commitment to changing the world for the better is inspiring and has pushed me to educate myself further on coercion, corrective control and acts of male violence. It’s unfortunately much more common then we realize and it danger can escalate very quickly. She’s such an advocate for change and her existence gives me hope that in my lifetime we’ll see much more accountability then we have ever seen historically. Thanks for being a champion Laura!!

Brilliant podcast! Tired of true cringe podcasts with joking comedians discussing gruesome behaviors? This is the podcast you want. Laura is smart and dedicated and setting off truth bombs about police corruption, lying, laziness and cover ups. I can see the world changing because of the work Laura Richards is doing. Best to you, LR. Thank you.

I just discovered the podcast and listened to the Forgotten Victims episode 2. How incredibly powerful. I'm really looking forward to the rest.

The best!

Thank you, Laura, for sharing you knowledge and giving a voice to the victims. This is such a helpful and powerful resource and I appreciate all the hard work you put into it!

Crime Analyst

Laura is always on point and tells the story that connects the listener to the victim. So much insight and analysis goes into the production of this podcast! She is devoted to her work!


Thank you not only for what you do but sharing your life and what your vocation means. We all have family and friends both female and male and you never know when or who they will come in contact with.

An Eloquent Voice for Victim Advocacy

Laura Richards is a powerful and inspiring advocate for women through her true crime podcast platform. I hope the legislation in the UK can get some “teeth” and that some day the USA will follow suit.

Amazing and Intelligent

Laura, I appreciate how you honor the victims. Your talent and dedication speaks volumes and I’m so glad you are sharing it with the world!

Laura I need to thank you so much, you have saved me. The first time I saw you was years ago on the Jonbennet Ramsey discussion, along with several other expert opinions on what probably happened and who murdered that poor little beautiful girl. However, you really made a massive impression on me with your Madeleine McCann podcasts! I was relieved to actually find out there is a British highly qualified police person who has the guts and determination to stand up and call it! You are the only one that has honestly held your hand up to fight for what’s right & appear to be one that will not in any circumstances fall into corruption. I have so much admiration for Colin Sutton, who spoke out about the Maddie investigation and why he didn’t take the lead for it, due to SY/O.Grange ignoring the ground zero rule! After listening to your podcast with Jim & Lisa you had me totally zoomed in with your outspoken fact, empathy & care with your passion and force to do what’s right & bloody well fight! Thank God, one person “you!” have the gumption to take it out of the park, kick shit to the Kirb and fight! Please do not change and allow the bigwigs to pull you down 🙏 I do worry for your safety, so please keep safe in this corrupt evil world we now live in ❤️ After Maddie, I joined all podcast apps & listen to you, Jim & Lisa so much, when I’m doing housework etc; rather than listen to music. I have to say, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart 💕 I have been in an abusive relationship that took me years to get out of! But I did and had 2 young children and did it! It wasn’t physical abuse it was mental abuse. I am the strongest person you could ever meet and nobody would ever think I could of ever been in that situation, but I was and for 13yrs!! So many people disregard that kind of abuse, because you don’t have bruises or injuries to show for it! I had it all and was the envy of so many that wanted what I had and my life! In reality, none of them would want my life, having a huge, beautiful house, landscape garden, brand new car every 2-3yrs and the wining & dining! Sounds amazing, however behind closed doors was a sad awful different story I could write a book about! I was told I couldn’t leave, look what I’ve got, I left the safety of my parents and never paid a bill in my life, so how would I cope if I left? I was told this over & over and I believed it and to be honest I loved what I had! I also didn’t want to leave because of it all either!! On the outside I had it all (but always remained grounded & played it down & have never been bought into the designer world, but would have several different color jumpers I liked from a general store!) It took me 13yrs and the worry about me 2 children, I left and became a single parent and yes it was a struggle, but it came to a head that I’d rather live in a rabbit hutch with my kids than have what I had and be miserable every day of my life! I actually have a good relationship with my ex and he is the most amazing father ever! I even get on with his wife number 4! I was number 3!! Isn’t that just an alarm bell - hello - DEFCON ONE!! Then I meet the most amazing man ever, again highly qualified, this time a lot younger and I supported him through his last year In Uni and now married he supports me! Best life ever and I know have even more than I had before!! I am again the Queen bee! The envy of all, I have everything and this time soul mate love - to the point for yrs the envy love, people & friends would approach us and tell us they would love to have the relationship we have. I had a baby late in life as he was the only child, his parents are amazing and the most amazing grandparents ever! 14yrs! Together and married 6yrs married with a child, my other 2 are adults, I have the world in my palm, loving life and BANG! CHANGE!! Iv haf 2yrs of the sane abuse as I had the last time, only this time the mental control is slightly different and there’s a physical abuse in the mix! I don’t get hit directly, I get thrown, pushed and prodded hard enough to Mark! Looking back I’m stupid, it’s always been there but little and sonething you can write off with doubt?!? It’s escalated massively in the last 2yrs and probably has from the start? Now it’s so bad I’m again in a low unhappy state and this time it’s different! The pushing, throwing and forehead against mine, through gritted teeth telling me how disgusting I am and look at me with laughter! Who would want you? Howver, I’m strong enough to talk back and push his demons away! I will fight back but he is bigger & stronger I have no chance, so I block the barges and the head to head wars with all I have! This will sound mad but one time when he was trying to head barge me in bed, I was laying on my back and he was raging over me,, I arm blocked his body. I held my arm up and tried to hold it straight and solid! I didn’t realise my hand was clenched in a fist position as I held my arm straight stopping him getting in my face that was turned away from a nasty, gritted teeth and spitting angry at me. He actually got so frustrated cause I’m not the meek and mild person I once was. Out of the blue grabbed my clenched fist and hit himself in the forehead with it! OMG! I was so shocked that he got my arm and jabbed himself in the face with my fist I burst out laughing and said - OMG, WTAF?? He was embarrassed and retreated! So up to date I am in another abusive relationship and considering I need to get out. Again I see it, although it’s different I still keep allowing chances. Only this time the physical is increasing so I know I’m in a spot of bother! All I can say is LAURA RICHARDS and her podcasts I have now followed and listening to her campaign she is so pationate about, I can honestly say I’m now dealing with my shite! Iv had the lowest few depressing months and with the increasing abuse I actually thought I needed to die! It is only my 10yr old daughter that kept me here, cause I nearly took my own life because I thought I was put on this earth to just be abused. I’m fighting my way through it big time! Yes I’m still here and still taking the abuse but I’m ready to go and I’m keeping strong for our daughter! I’m still at the giving chances stage and hoping he will change, yet know he won’t! Laura you are giving me the strength in your podcasts to find my inner strength! He hates you with a vengeance, and calls u out in arguments - Oh cause Laura told you did she? Yes she bloody did abd I know if I asked her for help as high up as she is she will be here and take your ass away! I now Iv ranted on but I sincerely hope i can help others and will gladly come forward and help with your campaign! You are giving me the inner strength to go on and be strong! 💪 Thank you 😊 I can find me I’m sure and I will be happy to promote it’s not just the beating or killing in an abusive relationship, the mental torture can be so bad and physical abuse that isn’t hitting or kicking that is so hard to prove. This is so long I’m not going to re-read or spell check it’ was hard enough putting it here. Thank you Laura you helped me to out this out there 💕

Intelligent Analysis

I’ve loved listening to Laura on RCP and was thrilled to hear she was starting her own show. Her focus on victims instead of lionizing perpetrators is refreshing and sorely needed in the true crime case. I do have one request - please stop referring to sex workers as “prostitutes.” The former gives the sex worker agency, while the latter carries connotations of criminality and misogyny. Thanks!


Laura has provided language to help understand and explain what 28 yrs ago I could not. Much admiration and appreciation for her exhaustive work.

Really In Depth

I love love love this podcast. Laura goes so deep into this investigation, she wrings it out like a sponge. You will have no questions remaining because she asks and answers and researches every question endlessly. Not to mention (I’m an American) and I love the accent. Amazing job!

This is for the listener with more than just a passing interest in true crime. It takes you in depth into the workings of both those who commit crime and the people and agencies who catch them. Do not expect generalisations and surface here. Laura is a true professional who pulls no punches when calling out the organisational bias that has failed victims repeatedly. Equally though she is quick to identify good police work and praise those who are endeavouring to rebalance our culture in favour of the victim. Prepare to be engaged, informed and changed.

Thank you!

Thank you for all you do for women and the issue of domestic violence.

Really In Depth

I love love love this podcast. Laura goes so deep into this investigation, she wrings it out like a sponge. You will have no questions remaining because she asks and answers and researches every question endlessly. Not to mention (I’m an American) and I love the Scottish accent. Amazing job!

This is an incredible podcast analysing crime and perpetrators in an incredibly professional, thorough and insightful way. I have learned so much more from this podcast than from most others, not just about the crime itself but also the social context in which it has taken place. I love the fact that there are many, many episodes going deeply into it, combined with fascinating interviews. The most thorough analysis you will find anywhere, along with action guides and very useful advice. Fantastic.


This true crime podcast is revolutionary. While many sensationalize the murderers, Laura Richards centers the victims. She tells their stories, never failing to honor each person’s humanity. As these are all women, her profound care in ensuring none are dismissed due to class, profession, race, or circumstances often moves me to tears of deep gratitude. As a renowned criminal behavioral analyst, Laura is relentless and thorough in exploring how and why the criminal justice system so egregiously failed these women. Her outrage at the patriarchal systems, misogyny, and sexism inherent in how male violence against women & children is pursued is eye opening. I’m so grateful for Laura Richards and the brilliant, blazing light she’s shining on the gender inequities of “justice”. Her analysis of perpetrators’ patterns, and pursuit of better protections for women and children, will save countless lives.


Excellent, compelling podcast. In-depth information and insight from a law enforcement expert regarding how crimes are investigated. Laura is a great advocate for crime victims and women.

Beyond the crime

This podcast goes beyond the crime- it is a sobering look on our society when it comes to victims of a violent crime. Laura does a deep dive into the victim-ology, the mind of the perpetrator and educates the listener into looking at a perpetrator outside of a media moniker for what they really are... evil. It is podcasts like this that will positively change our society’s response to crime, the victim and the accused. A must listen to podcast.

A forensic deconstruction of a familiar case, presented in a way which is accessible without being over simplified. Laura keeps the victims at the forefront of the story and ensures that they, rather than the perpetrator, are the focus. The failings of the investigation are jaw dropping and the discussions of inherent misogyny and prejudice gave me pause for thought - particularly discussions around the language used to talk about female victims of male violence. I look forward to future seasons of Crime Analyst.

Honoring Victims

I think this is a great podcast, not sensationalizing but analyzing and honoring. Love anything you do Laura.

Listen and Learn

I absolutely love being able to listen to Laura. I have learned so much from her and this podcast and look forward to each episode to hear her insight and analysis.

This is Laura's best podcast to date. After watching the Yorkshire Ripper documentary and being shocked at the major failings by the police I knew I had to listen to this podcast. It didn't disappoint. Laura is spot on with all her conclusions to the case. If he only she was in charge back then. Highly recommended 💯

Incredibly moving and thought-provoking.

Such a thoughtful, meticulous podcast. It has completely changed my perspective on true crime and how we approach violence against women and girls. I never knew how triggering pithy monikers for murderers were - now I notice them everywhere and try not to use them myself. Great work Laura, what you do is so important!

Deep Analysis

Great long form analysis. Much more rewarding than the 1 hour turn around true crime show.

To quote the spice girls GIRL POWER.

This woman can do it like lunch. I love the eye opening jaw dropping point of view. Thank god someone with her genius is helping us take on the patriarchy through the crime lens. Her passion and wit are inspirational.


Love this! I have so much admiration for Laura’s work and passion. So glad she has her own podcast because I could never get enough of what I needed to hear about advocacy and how much further we need to go as a society to protect women from violent predators.


This became my favorite podcast by her second episode. It’s a must listen.


Laura’s heartfelt sensitivity for women who are victims of unspeakable cruelty combined with her keen insight into the analysis of male violence against women make this podcast, like everything she touches, gold. Dawn Wilcox Founder & Executive Director Women Count USA: Femicide Accountability Project

I look forward to the Crime Analyst Podcast every week, listening while I walk. Laura's work has deepened my perspective on the pervasive coercive control that underpins so many crimes against women and the stubborn indifference of the criminal justice system. Keep up your work Laura

Thank you.

I can’t say it any better than the other commenters, so I’m just going to thank you for your informative and thought provoking podcast. You get me riled up every week, and thinking about how we can start getting things to change. I was waiting for your comments on Ms. Everard, and you were exactly right. The part that affected me the most was in the episode where Wilma McCann’s son said that she wasn’t a prostitute, but it didn’t matter if she was, his mother would do what she had to do to take care of her children - nobody said anything about his father’s failure to take care of/provide for his family. I know that’s not the exact quote, but everyone reading this knows what I mean.

Great Podcast

This podcast is very thorough. I appreciate the in-depth details.

Best Podcast

I’ve listened to a lot of true crime, but Laura’s analysis is the best. Thank you Laura for all your advocacy, and for using the words ‘’misogyny’ and ‘femicide’ to name these crimes. How long before society realizes that half the population is targeted for violence because of the their sex.


I like the podcast and I’ve heard and seen Laura on tv and other podcasts and I really like how she has made the victims the most important part of the story and how she looks at the case with an instructive eye. I did find it a bit hard to follow, I kinda felt like I was just dropped in the middle. I needed a bit more background and more of a timeline presented.

The more things change

Based on what is happening in the UK right now. The police don’t seem to have changed there attitudes about women

Crime analyst

I love this new podcast by Laura. I’ve heard her before on other podcast as guest speaker. Really like that you pay attention to victims and name them and try to speak very little if the perpetrator. Thanks for all your hard work. I like that you speak about victim blaming and then problems associated with that.

Among the very best!

There are no other podcasts like Crime Analyst. This isn’t a true crime podcast. It’s a victim-centered analysis of criminal behavior through the lens of an experienced woman who doesn’t hold back on calling out misogyny and the roots of male violence. The case may be decades old but the same problems are still here. Listening to Laura helps me to dissect them as well as think about what can be done to change things.

I love this podcast!

Laura offers great insights and I love how she gives power back to the victims and takes it away from the perpetrator.

This podcast is a great and engaging listen and a challenging look at the world of real crime , in Laura we have an eloquent champion for the victim for justice and an advocate for change and legislation. The glorification of criminals and the way their "monikers" are spread over streaming services and media is rightly challenged the emphasis on the victims and their names restored, Highly endorsed


a crime podcast focusing on the VICTIMS...well done...

Great Listen

This podcast is informative and thought provoking - one of the best podcasts I’ve heard. Laura brings a valued twist to the tale by focusing on the victims rather than glorifying the perpetrator.

Crime analyst

I love this new podcast by Laura. I’ve heard her before on other podcast as guest speaker. Really like that you pay attention to victims and name them and try to speak very little if the perpetrator. Thanks for all your hard work.

I am really enjoying this podcast by Laura Richards and team. Laura is so insightful and uses her expérience and knowledge to explain concepts so clearly. For example how inherent sexism and misogyny contributes to failings in solving cases, which often enables perpetrators and centering the victim, rather than the perpetrator, in the investigation. I have been following her work for some time and always look forward to hearing more from her! Really valuable and essential work in the fight to rid the world of male violence against women.

A True Crime podcast that gets it right

Laura Richards is a breath of fresh air in that she doesn’t treat crime as entertainment. Richards sees violence, especially violence against women and girls, as the horror it really is. She centers victims in their own stories, as well as their family and friends. Richards also traces the ongoing lifelong effects that ripple outward and even through generations of the grievous harm done by murder and violence.

Great Analysis of the Strengths and Weaknesses in Criminal Investigation

Laura Richards consistently focuses on the victims, not on elevating the criminal. This is not only a refreshing change from many true crime podcasts, it is the ethical way to stave off some level of copycat behavior in pathological and narcissistic people listening to media. This first series of the Crime Analyst podcast takes a deep dive into the stumbles and successes of the police and the prosecution as the women of Yorkshire in the 1970’s and 1980’s paid the price in blood. The survivors and their surviving families also speak, some even in present day interviews. This is a podcast well worth your listen, and I can’t wait for series two.

A win for victims.

It’s nice to finally give the victims and their family a voice after decades of victim blaming/shaming. Laura’s passion is evident as is her compassion. She truly makes the victims the focus and it’s wonderful.

So informative, not sensationalistic!

I love Laura and I love her take, the female lens looking back at this horrible crime spree. I have learned so much and I have communicated many of your takeaways with my 16-year-old daughter as well. Keep them coming Laura -quite interested in what you’re putting out. Thank you!

Expert Crime Analysis Through A Female Lens

Laura is an expert in her field. She shines a spotlight on victims and their families, by centering them in their own stories, is refreshing. It is well past time to have crimes viewed through a female lens, reviewing and reframing the narrative. So often, women are at the receiving end of male violence and yet our input is neglected and our voices unheard. I value that the names of perpetrators are reduced to initials and monikers given them by the media are redacted altogether. No need to sensationalize these criminals.

Laura Richard's is an inspiration. Trail blazer for women's rights . Absolute hero, I am hooked on her podcasts. I love her no nonsense assertive communicative style. She knows her stuff

Laura alone is great!

After years of TCP I found it often got too much off on chit chat and less of crime analysis. I have great hope that Laura alone will be focused and on point. The first episode is great. Thank you!

There is no better microcosm to view misogyny through than this woeful police enquiry from Yorkshire and it is laid bare brilliantly and devastatingly here! All men should listen to see just what carnage crappy and lazy attitudes and assumptions about women can cause....

You will rarely find anyone with more expertise than Laura. In the area of homicide, victimology and violent sexual crime I believe she is out on her own.

Great podcast. Laura is so caring and is determined not to allow us to forget the victims. She is amazing! Keep it up Laura 💫

Laura's professional skills and experience alongside empathy for the victims and their families shines through. Educational, enlightening and moving. It will open your eyes not only to past injustice, but also current, and she is working hard to change that too.

Truly fascinating and engaging podcasts that cleverly unpick society's attitudes to victim blaming and the incredible police failings in the capture and arrest of PS. Highly recommended listening, in particular to Laura's interview with Julie Bindel, which exposes the 'macho culture', police cognitive bias, society's attitudes to violence against women/girls and prostitution.

This!! We need more of this!!

Thank you, Laura! Your passion and insistence that the status quo is not acceptable, is not kind to victims and is NOT the solution! Thank you for helping to define our mission!

Delving deep with the experts. What more could you want! Laura is a true hero for victims and in particular female victims of male violence.

Laura is voice for the victims!

I’ve been a long time listener of Laura and I’m so grateful for her dedication to give a voice to the victims and fighting misogyny in this world. Laura is the voice we need.

Fierce advocate for victims

I’m a huge fan of Laura Richards, having first heard her on RCP. Her intelligence, passion for her work, unflinching honesty and, above all, empathy and advocacy for victims, especially women and girls, separates this podcast from all the rest. We get fascinating insight into criminal behavior from her many years of experience. I also think having the perspective of a woman in a field that is still largely male-dominated really does bring a different focus to certain areas of investigating and solving these hideous acts of violence against women. I don’t know how she finds the time, but we are all grateful for her hard work and dedication.

Thank you, Laura

So many important issues that are very much contemporary societal problems are discussed by Laura and her guests. She is truly an advocate for women who are so often blamed and shamed for the acts of violence men perpetrate against them. Let’s keep talking about how this happens and how we can change it. Your work is helping to save women’s lives, and to validate the experiences of survivors. <3

I'm not eloquent enough to put into words how phenomenal this podcast and Laura are. The work and change she is making by educating cannot be measured. Amazing podcast. AMAZING woman. If anyone gives anything less than 5 star they're a small minded idiot.

Amazing advocate for the vulnerable

Laura’s perspective speaks to what is needed to protect the most vulnerable, hard to reach individuals that need it the most. The lack of training and understanding in police lead to inaccurate criminal profiles and victimology. Laura’s life work is to change that, and I feel fortunate Laura shares her knowledge on this and other podcasts.

A MUST listen for BOTH men and women.

I’d have preferred to give this podcast 100 stars. It is not story time to tell the tale of this criminal. It is meant to drive home the point that male violence and women’s conditioning to fear men is real and has literally harmed ALL of us either directly or indirectly. I encourage all to listen with an open mind and the understanding that this isn’t an attack by man-haters. Men, I value you and I believe in you. I respectfully ask you to listen and gain a wider perspective to this reality. This podcast is an amazing start.

Smart and fearless

Laura should be our goals! She is intelligent and fighting for the well being of other women. We should be grateful for people like her spreading knowledge on this type of crime.

Great Podcast

Laura is a wealth of knowledge and I truly love hearing her insight and perspective! I learn something from every episode. She fights the good fight!!!! Thank you Laura!


This interview had me in tears at times. I was living in the UK during the time that PS was killing women. I was too young and ignorant at the time to really make sense of the effect on women. Today when the two of you talked about rape not killing you, and the effect of sexual abuse, you confirmed my own feelings. I was sexually abused in my home, and some people expect me to wallow in the pain forever. I refuse to do that, but I am all to aware of how different my life would be now if it hadn’t happened. I’ve made so many life decisions based on the abuse (often without knowing why) and now I’m VERY aware of how different my life would be if the abuse hadn’t shaped my life.

A true hero of women everywhere

Laura is an advocate that is needed today. Looking back at cases to see how things could have been handled differently in order to protect more people today is necessary. Thank you for all your hard work and speaking out for us all.


This is my new favorite podcast! Thank you Laura for all that you do!

Laura's work has saved my mom's life.

I have listened to every episode of Crime Analyst as it comes out and almost every episode of Laura's other show, Real Crime Profile. The insights that she has provided over the years have taught me SO much about the warning signs of Domestic Violence. I've followed up with reading several books and learning what I can about the topic, not knowing how important it would be in my life. My mom recently ended a 2+ year relationship with an abusive man. In her words, "it wasn't long before he was going to get physically violent with me. I could see it coming." She told me how he threated to kill her and bury her in a mineshaft. I know this guy was totally serious. Part of what helped her make the decision to leave was information that I learned from Laura. I was able to teach her and my family members what the warning signs were and help her to safely leave. This information coupled with the book "Why Does He Do That" by Lundy Babcroft opened her eyes to exactly what was going on. Laura, thank you for being such a staunch advocate for women and for providing so much teaching on what domestic abuse truly looks like. I honestly and fully believe that your dedication to teaching others about gendered violence played a large role in saving my mom's life. Thank you for being so passionate and dedicated to your work. You are an amazing woman! ♥️

Such a great gem we get to hear from!

The women of Earth are safer and better off because of Laura and the enormous amount she has done in her career as a behavioral analyst, specifically in the areas of domestic abuse, serial rape, murder of women and the common correlation between the three.

The best

Best true crime podcast in the world. No sensationalism, all facts, all criminology and all in the name of saving women and children.

Cream of the crop

This podcast goes way beyond the telling of a story. It makes victims and their families human. It speaks to effects of acute and chronic trauma. It’s a window into the thinking processes of law enforcement and behavioral analysts. I’d say there is no other podcast that gets this deep. It an education on so many levels. Thank you Laura for making this!!

True crime with a greater purpose

In this new solo podcast, Laura Richards is truly in her element - taking a deep dive into a vexing case that has haunted her since the beginning of her career. It’s amazing to be a fly on the wall of Lauras intelligence cell, and follow along as she peels back layer after layer in her re-investigation of this horrendous case. Laura leads us through every detail, leaving no rock unturned, in her quest to understand the many failures of the original investigation. As always, the victims are front and center and Laura brings a rare compassion, intelligence and a critical lens - to finding the actual truth and connect all the dots - every episode is a treat. So good.

Amazing podcast

Fantastic podcast ! Laura Richards is brilliant so many people failed these women it’s nice to hear Laura calling them out!

Really well done

Laura Richards is a shero and this podcast is really great. She is an expert in the field and a fierce advocate for victims which is rare in the crime podcast world. We’re lucky she is taking the time to share her insight and be a voice for the victims of crime.

Excellent Podcast

Laura Richards brings a wealth of knowledge and true empathy to her analysis of criminal behavior as well as assessing police response. She puts the victims front and center and shines a light on coercive control. Absolutely fascinating and so needed

Thank you for always putting victims first!!

Instead of sensationalizing the crimes and glorifying the perpetrator, in Crime Analyst, Laura Richards puts the victims at the center of their own stories. And she calls out the misogyny and male entitlement at the heart of violence against women. This podcast is a must-listen. Thank you, Laura, for your authenticity, compassion, and for reminding us real crime enthusiasts that these are real people, suffering real tragedy.


Laura Richards is a force. She’s a passionate no-nonsense victim centered advocate with so much experience and knowledge. Already loved her on her other podcast, RCP, but crime analyst is my new fav. Have binged all the episodes one after another. Keep them coming!!

Brilliant work

Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

Deep dive into crime

The hostess takes a novel approach to discussing crime- focus on the victims, both direct & indirect, living and dead. This approach provides a more thorough view of motive, compulsion, and psychology of crimes. Also delivers a more compassionate story when the victim and their families are given more attention.

Victim centered! Thank you!!!

So refreshing to hear a Crime podcast that centers on the victims and does not glorify the perpetrator!


I love you on RCP, but I especially love you here. Your passion and eloquent words have opened my eyes to how desperately things need to change. Thank you for speaking up for those who have no voice. Because of you, I will forever be cognizant of how I speak of victims and those how victimize. Keep up the hard work, it’s truly making a difference.

Crime Analyst

Laura Richards handling of this devastating and brutal subject matter is flawless in its professionalism. Her empathy and compassion for the victims , survivors and the families of those affected is evident in every episode. Laura Richards is an expert guide on this deep dive into a disturbing case that merits from her expert analysis.

Amazingly insightful!

I can’t give enough praise.

Changed my words and attitude

Thank you Laura for opening my mind to the words we use when we describe crimes and their victims.

Fighting for women

I’m so happy you are fighting for women’s right to live their lives without violence and fear. More people should listen to you and your podcast as there is so much to learn. There is so much I’ve learned from you and I thought I knew so much !! Keep up the good fight and I will fight along side you !


Amplifying voices and remember the victim is so important in true crime. So many times the victims are glossed over. Called only the victim. But Laura always makes sure #wesaytheirnames showing respect and honoring them. I’m inspired. I am changed. Just over 2 episodes. So good.


Men think differently but I don’t think they should get an out for their behavior. If they see prostitutes and they aren’t checked for sexually transmitted diseases he could bring that home to his wife or partner. please when you finish this killer can you talk about what his behavior and personality was like so women can see the day to day behavior and what they could be doing at night. So they can get away faster.

Love Laura!

I have been listening to Laura for years since the beginning of her other podcast. I love her insight and expertise and I always appreciate her focus on the victim. You can hear her passion for the victims and giving a voice to the voiceless.

Stop everything you are doing and listen immediately.

I am blown away by Laura Richards and her podcast Crime Analyst. Her investigative skills are extraordinary, but what I enjoy even more is her ability to communicate her findings and reasoning with such clarity and conviction. She is also changing the narrative of this case where a serial killer has been glorified for over forty years. An arduous task – but a more than necessary one that not only acknowledges the victims, but also provides them with a voice and the acknowledgement they and their families deserve. Join her on this journey that is rewriting history – you will not regret it.

Exceptional Crime Podcast

From: @spinwithvin1 This podcast is an exceptional work. Episode #3 where Laura interviews Richard McCann is remarkable. After listening to the latest episode, I can’t wait for the next episode. It’s mesmerizing. The subject matter is horrendous, but the passion and enthusiasm for her work shines through every delivered sentence. I cannot say enough about how fantastic this podcast is. Keep up the great work. I’m a fan 👍

Inside the Mind of a Crime Analyst

Listening to this podcast is like being inside Laura’s mind as she connects the dots and works for victims, and it’s fascinating.

This podcast is so fascinating. Laura talks in depth about a case that I thought had been fully disclosed to the public but there is so much more to learn. Laura is really respectful when she speaks of the victims - she clearly puts the feelings of the families at the forefront. She uses historic tapes from the news etc. which add to the context. The best pscyhologically based crime podcast I have heard.

These podcasts are amazing, the knowledge of the case and in general about male violence is incredible. Laura is clearly very passionate about making a change and finding the truth which comes across in the level of detail she goes into. If you love real crime, you will love this and Laura is great and east to listen to.


Laura pulls no punches and this podcast is like listening in on a master class on serial murder and investigation. Entertainment is not the goal here - listeners will be absolutely engrossed and moved.

Amazing and informative

This podcast is like sitting in on a crime analyst class. Instead of just grisly crime details, and sensationalized murder, Laura puts everything in context, and encourages you to use your own logic skills to deconstruct events and learn how to see a perpetrator using the aftermath of his crimes. The victims stories become the tools to catch their attacker, which in turn elevates them into becoming the most important part of the story, not a just a passing footnote. Thank you, Laura! Amazing work!!!

Like an analyst seminar

I love Laura Richards’ format for this podcast. It feels like being lucky enough to attend one of her seminars. Appreciate her caring and expertise.

A Plus

I have never written a podcast review, but have been been listening to Dr. Richards for years on Real Crime Profile (which is dear to me). There is nuance, sensitivity, and truth here. Be prepared to use your heart and with good reason as she gives us an opportunity to be our best selves and advocate for victims. Thankful for your work DLR ( got to start an acronym for you😂). I’m spreading the good word/k!

Listen and learn - Laura pulls NO PUNCHES

The most eloquent advocate for all victims. She won’t even NAME perpetrators. Keeps her focus on crimes against women and the terrible price we all pay when criminals become stars. Hurrah for Laura’s passionate crusade for justice!

F’ing Brilliant

Laura is.. I cannot think of enough or the correct positive adjectives to describe her. She is empowering

Finally a crime podcast from a humanitarian

Laura Richards’ credo is that the victims must be elevated and not the perpetrators. And she delivers! Instead of the usual sensational murder porn offering, Ms. Richards deep dive into crime is 3-dimensional. She highlights the impact of crime upon a broader scope of victims, friends, family and community. A MUST HEAR!

Laura Richards is a BAMF

I’ve adored Laura Richards for a long time. Unapologetic defender of women. I’ll listen to anything she says.

Highly qualified host with subjects that are absolutely heartbreaking

Laura Richards has long been a voice of reason, sanity and fierce intelligence backed up with TRUTH I truly hope that judges and defense attorneys that work with proven killers and abusers will listen to these episodes, learn as much as they can- and find their soul to change the insane laws that are still allowed- and the people that allow these abusers and killers to continue to STOP supporting them. Violence on this earth - mostly perpetrated by the male of our beleaguered species is allowed to happen - then forgiven and forgotten far far too often. And it must be stopped- it makes our world a very dark and frightening place Laura Richards is a shining light in that very dark and frightening place Thank you Laura!


Very happy, and can’t wait to hear next time Thank you!

This is a brilliant podcast. Laura Richards uses her years of experience and amazing empathy to share the stories of the mostly forgotten and silent victims - the family and loved ones left behind after these horrifying crimes. I have always wondered about these people and how they get on with their lives and Laura is allowing them and their memories a voice. I have never been interested in the monsters that commit the atrocities so as heartbreaking as it is we now have a focus for those effected.

Love anything by Lara Richards

Serious, academic and informative. She takes great care to honor victims.


Laura Richards is a must have at the top of your True Crime podcast list. She knows and shares so much information about domestic violence and is such an advocate for victims you really want her in your ear when listening or watching true crime.

Wow. Laura always does amazing shows.

I knew this podcast would be great, but I wasn’t expecting it to be as emotional as it is. Wow. Laura is truly amazing in her work. Episode 2 with Richard was great. Listening to him speak of his mother and sister was heartbreaking, to say the least, but beautiful, as well. What an inspiration he is to all survivors of such violent crimes.

Love Laura Richards

I could listen to this all day long. I’m so glad there’s someone out there to give victims a voice.