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May 5, 2022

Ep. #38: Take Nothing Personally: The Elegant Pivot Series

Ep. #38: Take Nothing Personally: The Elegant Pivot Series

In my latest podcast episode, I again welcome daughter and colleague Jen Maneely. We are continuing our series on The Elegant Pivot, this time to dive into the practice of taking nothing personally. When a mother and daughter sit down to talk about taking nothing personally, anything can happen.  

If we had tried to have this conversation a few years ago, it would have been like navigating a minefield. We would have tried to avoid each other’s hot buttons and not hurt the other’s feelings. Not so in this podcast. Instead, this conversation is full of productive tips on what to do in place of taking things personally, like pocket questions.

I love pocket questions. A pocket question is a premeditated question to ask instead of the reaction you typically have. They are a way to interrupt predicable patterns and open the door to something new. We go over several examples in this conversation, as well as some scenarios that show you ways to assume positive intent – even in circumstances where the it’s clear the other person might not have positive intent.

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