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April 7, 2023

#56 JP Dyal: From Corporate Executive to Heart of the Horse

#56 JP Dyal: From Corporate Executive to Heart of the Horse
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My guest for this episode of the podcast is JP Dyal. We met at Warwick Schiller’s Journey on Podcast Summit last year in San Antonio. JP answers one of the questions that has hovered over me of late: Can someone who didn’t grow up with horses become a true horseman? As you might guess, I have this question for myself. He embodies the answer to that question, as you will hear in this episode. Not only is he a true horseman, he shows all of us just how the dark episodes of our lives are the gateway to finding our path.

Here’s some more information about JP Dyal:

JP Dyal is not your typical horseman. He grew up in the Florida Keys and was a corporate executive until he lost everything. It was then his life was saved by a horse. While JP has competed in many different disciplines, his true gift and passion is transforming the lives of horses and their people by combining his leadership development experience along with his soft and light style of horsemanship.

With his corporate background and focus on leadership, we had a lot of common ground in this conversation.

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