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Feb. 3, 2023

#52 Hannah Pasquinzo: Getting Out of the Cycle of Beating Ourselves Up

#52 Hannah Pasquinzo: Getting Out of the Cycle of Beating Ourselves Up

My guest for this episode of the Creative Spirits Unleashed Podcast is Hannah Pasquinzo. Hannah is a successful small business owner, yoga instructor, and coach living in the magical Ozark mountains with her horses, dogs, and cats.

Hannah and I met at the Journey On Podcast Summit in November. She was one of the 12 people who joined in the Ice Bath excursion on Saturday night. She inspired everyone in the group when she stayed in for the target of two minutes, and then said she could stay even longer. Her courage was contagious.

This conversation will tell you that not only does she live in the magical Ozark mountains, but she's a magical person herself. She and I touched on a variety of topics, from Human Design (a new way of seeing ourselves for me), what we do with mistakes, and how we get out of the cycle of beating ourselves up. How we handle mistakes

I had lots of questions for her, such as “How do we find mindful ways to approach life?” “In what way can we use our inner tools to do be mindful?” and many more. I will listen to this conversation several times because I feel like I learned so much about how to live instead of exist. Isn’t that what we want out of life? We started this conversation by talking about how to truly live while you're alive.

Here's a bit more about Hannah: She said her husband often likens her to Snow White but swapped the dwarfs for two teenagers. She offers both virtual and equine-assisted learning experiences for busy people, my audience who want to live more fulfilling mindful lives. Her favorite thing is to cheer her clients on as they gather the courage to reach for what brings them alive. I know you're going to enjoy this conversation with Hannah Pasquinzo.


  • What does it mean to “live?”.


  • Yoga teacher training is a gift.


  • Ice and hot and cold therapy.


  • The superhero of what we are capable of.


  • One of the biggest artifacts of our conditioning is beating ourselves up.


  • The difference between listen and hear.


  • You cannot receive feedback if you cannot occupy your body at some level below your neck.


  • Moving through old emotions and letting go of old stories.


  • Breathing is the bridge between our conscious and our subconscious.


  • The cycle is what happens when we think we’ve made a mistake.


  • What is human design and what does it mean?


  • What is the role we’re here to play? What is our purpose?


  • When you think about it collectively it’s like everything just runs more smoothly.


  • How do you spell “splenic?”.


  • What is advice that annoys you in your field?


  • How the Schiller’s invited vulnerability from the presenters.


  • The journey of becoming a small business owner -.


  • What would you want your audience to know about you?


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