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Jan. 20, 2023

#51 Kate Neligan: The Less than Perfect Road

#51 Kate Neligan: The Less than Perfect Road

My guest for this episode of the podcast is Kate Neligan. From the first minute I spoke with her, I could tell Kate was the kind of coach that facilitates true change. In this episode, she speaks freely about her own transformation, and the less-than-perfect road that led her to embrace the journey more than the end goal. Kate also has a point of view about what makes a good coach and a good coaching fit. Most importantly, Kate realizes that the journey is never complete and continues to work on herself (which is one of the gold standards of a good coach from my perspective.)   

Like many of us, she got ahead in the corporate world by saying yes to her own detriment. Balance went out the window, along with her sense of self. Through having a good coach, she found her way to a more fulfilling success, and now she helps others do the same. 

Kate Neligan is an Equine-Partnered Life/Business Coach who helps her clients with their intuition, emotional intelligence, and empowered leadership both virtually and in-person with horses. Kate left her VP of Marketing career at a movie studio to pursue her calling for the transformation that is possible from the human-animal bond. She is certified in Equine Experiential Education and has a Master's degree in Spiritual Psychology. Kate is passionate about helping women to thrive and is a best-selling author with stories in the books “The Power of Being a Woman” and “Women Will Save the World.” She is also an Animal Communicator & Healer and is published in the books “Animals” and “Nature” by Common Sentience. Kate is a motivational speaker with a TEDx talk on perfectionism. The Awakening With Equines certification program she created is for new or next-level equine-partnered coaches.


  • How are the horses helping you to be a better coach?
  • Working with horses can help you raise your pressure threshold, which will close your pressure gap.
  • The most difficult challenge of being a visionary as a leader.
  • Dancing the Tightrope.
  • The human behind the armor and the judgey self.
  • It’s the emotions that are the glue that stick everything together.
  • You don’t get the adrenaline kick without getting the adrenaline.
  • Are you safe at work? Do you feel like your boss plays favorites?
  • Why more people in the corporate world need coaches -.
  • Not one of my clients is in a job that they’re currently qualified for and it’s because the job is changing so fast
  • You can’t be around 1200 pounds of pure intensity and focus and focus without being humbled.
  • The pressure of being the translator between what is happening in the round and what work looks like. 
  • What would you like me to take off of my to-do list? 
  • How to say “no” to things that aren’t for you.
  • What would be a piece of wisdom you would most want the audience to consider?

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