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I'm your host, Chef Adam Lamb, and it’s my mission to support you in breaking free of the grind mindset and find your flow.

In my 30-year career as a chef and hospitality professional, I have had some amazing and humbling experiences.

I have also made some monumental mistakes. Somewhere along my journey, I forgot why I became a cook in the first place.

But if my mess is my message then know that - no matter where you find yourself right now - you too can become the best version of yourself, regardless of what that voice in your head tells you.

You'll learn some valuable insights and perspectives that will support you in having a fulfilling career and an amazing life.

You have a part to play in 'The New Kitchen Culture'. We can't do it without you.

Oui Chef?

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"We at Chef Life Radio believe that:

Working in a kitchen should be demanding; it shouldn't have to be demeaning.

It should be hard, it just doesn't have to be harsh.

We believe that it's possible to have more solidarity and less 'suck it up sunshine. 

More Compassion and less CutThroat Island.

We believe in more partnership and less 'put up or shut up.

More community and less fuck you. " 


Listen, subscribe to the show, and become part of The CLR Crew by becoming a sustaining member, and assist me in bringing you the best content that will serve you to remember that you are not broken, and you don't need fixing and - most importantly - you have everything you need to be a force for good in the industry.

Stand tall & frosty brothers & sisters - we are all in this together.

Chef Adam Lamb
        Chef Adam Lamb