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Jan. 4, 2023

UPDATE: What's going on in January?

UPDATE: What's going on in January?

Hello there Pandalorians hope you are having a wonderful 2023 so far! This January we will be joined by the fantastic Andrew and Craigy C for a series of episodes based on the iconic superhero Spider-Man! These episodes will mainly focus on the three main film adaptation of the web slinger as well as a few fun iterations of the character. The schedule for these episodes is as follows:


Spider-Man Month


  • 06/01/23:
    • Raimi Trilogy
  • 13/01/23:
    • The Amazing Spider-Man FilmS
  • 20/01/23:
    • MCU Spider-Man
  • 23/01/23:
    • First and Last: Japanese Spider-Man watch along
  • 25/01/23:
    • Best of: Japanese Spider-Man watch alonG
  • 27/01/23:
    • Japanese Spider-Man
  • 03/02/23:
    • Spider-Man Trivia Episode


Really excited to be kicking off the year with this content. Do you have any thoughts about the iconic series? Let us know here!


As always, stay safe, stay awesome and, most importantly, stay hydrated!