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Chatsunami is a casual chat between friends about a variety of topics from gaming and films to anime and general interests. Available on Spotify, iTunes and all good podcasting apps.

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Recent Episodes

July 19, 2024

What makes a great Sonic Soundtrack? Ft WysteriaMoth

In this episode, Satsunami is joined by fellow Sonic head Wysteria Moth to discuss the significance of the music tracks in the Sonic the Hedgehog games. But what makes them so iconic? Do they still hold up today? What is Sat…
July 12, 2024

What Makes a Great Anime Abridged Series || Chatsu Nani?!

In this episode of Chatsu-Nani?!, Satsunami and Andrew explore the internet phenomenon of anime abridged series. From Team Four Star's Dragon Ball Z Abridged to the legendary work of Little Kuriboh's Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged, we as…
July 5, 2024

World of Food Reviews! (60k Celebration!) || Chowtsunami

To celebrate reaching 60k plays of Chatsunami, we have released a new sub series dedicated to food and travel called Chowtsunami! In this episode, Satsunami and wrestler Martin MacAlistair take on the world of food reviews! …
June 28, 2024

Fan Request: Howl's Moving Castle

In this fan requested episode, Satsunami and Andrew celebrate 20 years of the Studio Ghibli classic Howl's Moving Castle! But what makes this film so iconic? How does it hold up 20 years on? And how many people can Andrew of…
June 25, 2024

What Lurks Beneath: A Review of Still Wakes the Deep || Chatsu Shorts

NOTE: This episode contains mild spoilers to the game, listener discretion is advised. In this episode, Satsunami discusses the latest horror game to take the internet by storm: Still Wakes the Deep. Set in a Scottish oil ri…
June 21, 2024

The Significance of Spec Ops: The Line

NOTE: This episode was recorded before the delisting incident. This episode also contains discussions of themes that some listeners may find upsetting. Listener discretion is advised. In this first solo episode of Chatsunami…

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About the Hosts

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Satsunami is the founder and primary host of Chatsunami. After starting the show in 2020 as part of his Twitch streaming endeavours, Satsunami has made the podcast his primary focus. Based in Scotland, Satsunami enjoys a variety of hobbies from gaming to language learning. He is also the team's resident Sonic aficionado!

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Andrew (Greenshield95)


The anime expert of team Chatsunami and honorary Canadian. When he is not talking about Avatar: The Last Airbender and Zelda, Greenshield helps co-host on the Chatsu-Nani?! episodes.

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Co-host of the Chatsunami podcast and expert in all things Terminator, Bioshock and even history!