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Chatsunami is a Scottish variety podcast that discusses topics from gaming and films to anime and general interests. We also interview fellow indie content creators, from streamers and podcasters to musicians and wrestlers. Our core mission with the podcast is to welcome our listeners into our discussions in a safe and casual listening environment. As always, we hope that you stay safe, stay awesome, and most importantly, stay hydrated!


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Chatsunami was my first experience being a guest on a podcast, and I don't think I could have had a better choice! The atmosphere is welcoming, and it takes next to nothing to get the good times rolling, the topics offer a great opportunity for a full range of tastes and experiences. My own time recording has been a spectrum, from careful consideration and opening up about experiences, to busting an absolute gut and wandering off on a bit or tangent. There is seldom a dull moment here, and it reflects in all the topics and guests he invites! -WysteriaMoth


After knowing Satsu for years and after being on his podcast, I can say with confidence that Satsu is an amazing friend and podcaster. Being invited to be a guest on a podcast for the first time seemed intimidating, but Satsu made things easy and made me feel comfortable. His editing helped make the end result smooth and fun to listen to. I can only hope to work with someone as great as Satsu on future projects. He has my highest recommendation - SuperShadow271


I had so much fun on Chatsunami! Satsu is a great conversationalist who made me feel so comfortable as a guest on his podcast. I can’t remember the last time I laughed so much during a conversation! - Beyond 6 Seconds Podcast


I had such a fun time being a guest on the Chatsunami podcast! Satsu is professional, enthusiastic and asks questions that set the foundation for an engaging discussion. The direction of our conversation flowed effortlessly, thanks to the evident preparation and research that was conducted before our interview. I didn't have to worry about fumbling my words, as I have a tendency to do, because he was there to keep me on track. I really appreciated the effort that was made to make the whole guest experience seamless from start to finish. - Serial Napper Podcast



Chatsunami was one of the first contacts I made when I started my podcast journey. Two and a half years later Satsu and I have collaborated many times on each other’s pods. As a guest he is always a joy to have on, always prepared and a great conversationalist. If you are appearing on his show you know you are in for a good time. His show is so carefully crafted in topics and guests. As a host he is always extremely welcoming and ensures you have time and space for  your input.  

As both a great podcast creator and a force for good within the community - there really needs to be more Chatsunami/Satsus out there! -Casting Views

I am always nervous when I am a guest on a podcast. It is like meeting a blind date at an empty coffee shop. No distractions. Just straight conversation for an hour. Even after becoming friends through messages and listening to Chatsunami, I was a nervous lady. But, of course, none of the worries were necessary. Satsunami is a calm and welcoming person. He asked the right questions, listened to my answers, and allowed me to be myself. We laughed, and I learned. I am proud to call him a friend and a support in my podcast life. Plus he shows me amazing pictures from Scotland!  -Mama D, Petals of Support

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