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Dec. 12, 2022

Carolina Catholic Newsletter 12/12/22




In today’s Gaudete Sunday Magnificat Meditation, Mother Mary Francis of Our Lady, P.C.C. calls us to REJOICE IN THE LORD ALWAYS.  But can we always rejoice with all the suffering in our world, in our Church and in our own lives?  
How did St. Paul do it after all he lived through?  None of it makes sense without the “in Domino” (I place my hope and trust in the Lord) that gave St. Paul the right to be God’s instrument to joyfully proclaim “Rejoice always, I say it again, rejoice always in the Lord…” Sing! Dance! Laugh!  

The question for us is the same as it was for St. Paul.  How do we stay joyful with all the suffering in our daily lives?  What do we draw on moment to moment, day to day, from one week to the next?  There are a growing number of local Catholics who recognize one of the most powerful ways to stay connected to our Church and joyful in our faith is by drawing on the resources of the CAROLINA CATHOLIC MEDIA Apostolate.  

From the beginning CAROLINA CATHOLIC’s outreach was to provide a unique communications channel to Learn, Love and Live Our Catholic Faith in daily life with a major commitment to bring our local Catholic community closer together.  By the Grace of God anything is possible!  Our behavior as Catholic Christians in our daily activities is one of the best ways to bring God to others.  Evangelization happens!

I invite you to partner with us in our daily work of evangelization by listening and viewing our wide variety of programs, share them with friends and family and through your financial support.  Please make your best gift to help us guarantee our 7 media platforms will continue to serve all of God’s people who seek to Rejoice in the Lord Always!  
Thank you for your generosity.  May God Bless You abundantly.

Yours in Christ,


David Papandrea, OFS
PH/TX:  704.880.0260


has committed to tithe for Carolina Catholic Media in 2023!  
Thank you ALL SAINTS for joining our Evangelization Mission! 

Thank you St. Mark for placing this announcement in your December 11 bulletin!
Can we count on you to do the same in your parish, school, ministry?  
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