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Grace and Grit #6 Effective, Honest Communication

Sept. 13, 2023

Shutting down or becoming abrasive with our words in the name of honesty—there’s a better way! What if we could wake another’s desire to hear us rather than close up Let's talk about how and when to speak when we're upset or…

Grace And Grit

Grace and Grit #5 Expressing your needs effectively

Aug. 15, 2023

How can women express their needs in ways that value others rather than criticize them for not being "enough"? Join Sara and Jessica as they vulnerably share personal stories of growth in this area!

The Obligation

The Obligation Show #128 Ami Hayes of Dad Squad

July 22, 2023

Join Jason this week when he sits down with Ami Hayes of Dad Squad Gear!  As a father of three, Ami saw firsthand the challenges and rewards of this important role. Dad Squad is dedicated to providing quality products that n…

The Obligation

The Obligation Show #127 Hallowed 07-07-23

July 8, 2023

Check out the latest episode of The Obligation when Jason sits down with Hallowed who is one of the musical headliners of the upcoming first annual music festival Catholic Palooza!  Hear about Hallowed's early days of revers…

Carolina Catholic Media Showcase

Carolina Catholic Media Showcase Featuring Fr. Colin Blatchford

July 3, 2023

Fr. Colin Blatchford… the Associate Director of Courage and EnCourage International… an apostolate which offers support for those who experience same-sex attractions and their loved ones. This talk entitled “Transgenderism a…

The Obligation

The Obligation Show #126 Adam Stinchula Catholic Palooza 06-30-23

June 30, 2023

Join Jason this week when he sits down with the multi-media artist and co-founder of Catholic Palooza, Adam Stinchula!  Adam and Jason discuss the upcoming first-annual live Catholic music festival to be held in Richmond, Vi…

The Obligation

The Obligation Show #125 Rick Barrett The Armed Catholic 06-23-23

June 23, 2023

Once again Jason is joined by his good friend Rick Barrett "The Armed Catholic."  Rick is the host of "The Daily Mag Dump" program which airs daily on Spiritus TV and also on Saturday afternoons on The Carolina Catholic Medi…

Grace And Grit

Grace and Grit #04 How to Show Hospitality in a Twenty-first Century Culture

June 10, 2023

Gen Z, roughly ages 11-26, are among the loneliest groups of our culture in spite of the fact they have more technology than any generation before them. Why is this, and how can we create interpersonal relationships in a pos…

The Obligation

The Obligation Show #124 Joe Enders Red Top Report 06-09-23

June 9, 2023

Don't miss this Friday's episode at 5pm est on AM1270 Charlotte and streaming on the Carolina Catholic Media Network at when Jason sits down with Church Militant's own Joe Enders of Red Top Re…

From The Rooftop

From The Rooftop Episode #25 Discovering The Moral Consequences of Our Words

June 7, 2023

Follow Msgr. Winslow and Fr. Kauth to learn what lies behind phrases like “I am fine” and discover the moral consequences of our words.…

The Obligation

The Obligation Show #123 Cesar Vasquez Sons of Mary 06-02-23

June 2, 2023

Join Jason on this Friday's episode of 'The Obligation' when he sits down with "Martyr #5" from 'The Martyrs' Walk, Cesar Vasques of the Sons of Mary Rosary Apostolate!  Cesar recently completed the beta version of 'The Mart…

Grace And Grit

”Grace and Grit 05-31-23”

May 31, 2023

Is There Absolute Truth? Our post modern culture wants to say truth is relative. Yet, how can feelings determine truth when everyone's feelings are varied and not dependable? Let's talk about why absolute truth is vital for…

The Obligation

The Obligation Show #122 Rick Barrett The Armed Catholic 05-26-23

May 26, 2023

Join The Obligation this week as Jason sits down with The Armed Catholic Rick Barrett! Rick is the host of "The Daily Mag Dump" program which airs daily and is dedicated to covering gun laws at federal, state, and local leve…

Joyful Echo

Joyful Echo 05-24-23

May 24, 2023

Growing in relationship with the Holy Spirit Do you ENJOY your relationship with the Holy Spirit? Is that even possible? Father Buettner joins Jean and Kathleen on the last show of the Season Three to talk about these answe…

The Obligation

The Obligation Show #121 John Hughes Queen of Martyrs Templar 05-19-23

May 19, 2023

Don't miss Friday's episode of The Obligation on AM1270  and streaming  at when Jason sits down with John Hughes of Queen of Martyrs Templars! John shares his experience at the recent Martyrs' Walk B…

Joyful Echo 05-17-23

May 17, 2023

"Chaplet of the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit"   Jean and Kathleen are joined by Father Matthew Buettner of St. Joseph College Seminary and Whitney Hetzel from the Catholic Company. Father Buettner shares the inspiration be…