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Relevant to Secular Folks As Well
Perhaps, like me, your family encouraged you to love whomever you want, and to marry—or just forever cohabit with—anyone who treats you well and makes you happy, regardless of creed. This podcast may be all the more striking to us easygoing secularists, because it illustrates a conflict that is still so real for so many. Emma Newberry asks a lot of hard questions, exploring why intermarriage remains such a hot topic. The stakes are high for a population that has faced so much oppression, forced conversion, and ruthless erasure. Moreover, Newberry humanizes the couples who have resisted cultural expectations, who had to strain and sacrifice family bonds in order to consecrate their love. Love may conquer all, but, as the listener discovers, not without casualties. “Breaking the Glass” is a layered and sensitive ensemble piece from an enterprising journalist. I can only hope it’s the first series of many.

Beautiful, searching, and insightful.
A lovely and wise exploration of interfaith relationships, families, and love.

This is a sacred podcast, and so needed in Jewish communities today
This podcast encapsulates, beautifully, the challenges -- and also joys -- of interfaith families navigating Jewish community. Despite decades of progress, we still live in a Jewish community where people in interfaith relationships are banned from many forms of Jewish leadership. People still, upon hearing about a new romantic partner, ask "well are they Jewish?" before "well do they make you happy?" Grateful that this podcast can help move the needle and serve the creation of a world where interfaith relationships are seen as gifts to Jewish life -- not as a threat to its (our) existence.