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A six-part podcast series highlighting the experiences of multifaith couples and families in Jewish communities and beyond. Breaking the Glass is a celebration and a candid acknowledgment of how our experiences shape each of us, in ways both beautiful and difficult.

About the Host

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Emma Newbery

Podcast Producer

Emma Newbery is a podcast host, producer, and journalist. She is the host and producer of "Breaking the Glass," "Breakout Sessions," and the creator of the podcast "All Alone With Something to Say." Her work can be found on Spotify and Apple Podcasts, as well as in "Dig Boston," "The Boston Hassle," "Jewish Rhode Island," "Kolture," and through Kingston Gallery. Her work focuses on religion, culture, and anthropology, with a focus on multifaith relationships, the rise and function of nationalism, and criminal justice reform. She follows stories that allow for intimate interviews and deep-dives into topics, perspectives, and subjects that illuminate why humans do what we do, and what is most important to us.