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S3E23: Creating Plastic Action with Jax Navarro

S3E23: Creating Plastic Action with Jax Navarro

About Jax:

Jax Navarro A.K.A. Plastic Action is best known for creating art with toys. 

With features on: 

#plasticballerz series, Marvel Live, ESPN, Nerdist, Complex, Gizmodo, Yahoo & Entertainment Weekly.

He also has over 162K Instagram followers & just under a half Million followers on TikTok. Make sure to follow him for amazing content!

In this episode we discuss:

  • Jax's upbringing 
  • What his town is famous for
  • Being a shy kid
  • Being into Art from an early age
  • His love for the comics
  • His favorite NBA Team
  • Barely graduating High School
  • Being in Telecommunications
  • The person that Re-Lit his fire for Art
  • Getting into toy photography
  • And much more!

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