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S3:E25- Swimming Against the Current With Ted Phaeton

S3:E25- Swimming Against the Current With Ted Phaeton

About Ted:

Ted Phaeton is a Morning Meteorologist based in Charlotte, NC. Ted is also a member of the National Weather Association and received his NWA Television/Radio Seal of Approval in December of 2016, making him a certified meteorologist with the national organization. As if speaking four and a half hours a day on air wasn't enough, Ted is also the host of the "No Rain... No Rainbows" Podcast inspiring listeners to overcome adversity and live their best lives. 

As the founder of The Modern Man, a men's networking & empowerment group, Ted hopes to help build men in their communities to reach their full potential. Ted's mission is to help men establish meaningful relationships, network with like-minded individuals, and build a support group that will help them excel in life, business, and relationships. 

In this episode we discuss:

Ted's upbringing

What sports he played

Some lessons her learned at a young age

His love for gaming

Getting into computer science 

A pivotal moment in College

Life after School

The Modern Man 

And more!

Connect with Ted:


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