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E89: How to Gain Momentum in Your Life with William Moore

E89: How to Gain Momentum in Your Life with William Moore

About Will:

As an 80's kid growing up on Atari and Nintendo, I was always fascinated by video games and their ability to hijack me and propel me into a world much better than the one I was living in. Where my only limits were on my ability to acquire the skills required to master the game.

Divorced parents, an alcoholic and abusive mother, and a habitual outcast from constantly moving around as a kid left me suicidal my freshman year of college. I had your typical fixed victim mindset convinced I was born with a broken brain and there was nothing I could do about it.

A serendipitous moment in college - see my timeline below - allowed me to hit the reset button and set me on a quest to figure out what happiness really is, and how to harness its power.

One major goal I set and achieved was to become a successful entrepreneur - starting-up multiple businesses, and exiting one of them for 9-figures. Ironically, doing so helped me realize one of life's great truths on happiness: money alone can't buy it. Deep, soul-filling, long-term happiness requires a more holistic approach, and would require me to become the CEO of the most important business I'd ever run, MY LIFE!

To run a successful startup requires fundamentally understanding, maintaining balance in, and growing in its core areas. But instead of HR, marketing, and accounting, in real life it's what I've determined are The Five Cores.

25 years later (why my current status is level 25) I've upgraded my avatar from a fixed victim to a growth owner who knows I have everything within me to reach any level I set my sites on - failing, learning, and continuously powering-up along the way.

I ultimately learned that while life is complex, principles are not. And by combining behavioral science with modern technology, I've created the moore momentum system to allow anyone to have a blast leveling up their life by building up their success habits in all five cores.

Connect with Will: https://mooremomentum.com/

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