March 25, 2024

Second, Be of Value to Others — The Story of Dr. Nkem Okeke

Second, Be of Value to Others — The Story of Dr. Nkem Okeke

In this episode of the Black Gold Podcast, I interview Dr. Nkem Okeke. She is a multifaceted healthcare professional, entrepreneur, and educator with a rich background that spans across continents and sectors within the healthcare industry. Dr. Okeke and I delve into her journey from being a young physician in Nigeria to founding Medicalincs, a healthcare firm aimed at improving healthcare accessibility and system navigation in the United States.

We explore her experiences as a Hurricane Katrina survivor and how it reshaped her approach to public health, the impact of artificial intelligence in healthcare, particularly in predictive healthcare financing and service delivery, and her passionate advocacy for equitable and accessible healthcare.

Dr. Okeke also shares insights into the importance of mentorship, the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship in healthcare, and the future of healthcare innovation and technology.


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