Black Gold Podcast: Stories of Black Dreamers and Doers

This is a show where Black entrepreneurs and leaders are interviewed about how they got their start and found their way to success.

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Recent Episodes

July 15, 2024

Safe in Solitude — The Story of Mosez Jones

In this episode, I interview Mosez Jones, a Montreal-based producer, and singer-songwriter. In our conversation, Mosez and I discuss his journey into music, the importance of starting early and staying consistent in your cr…
July 12, 2024

Get Up and Get on It! — The Story of Dana Frank

In this episode of the Black Gold Podcast, I interview Dana Frank. She is a businesswoman, philanthropist, and author of the book Get Up and Get On It! Dana is the second generation in her father’s real estate business, whic…
June 17, 2024

The Holistic Approach: The Story of Cassandra Hill

In this episode of the Black Gold Podcast, I speak with Cassandra Hill, the CEO and founder of Holistic Living Consulting. Cassandra shares her journey from working in corporate healthcare to becoming a master life coach, fo…
April 26, 2024

Finding Your Voice — The Story of Jemuel "J3M" Roberts

LISTEN TO HIS NEW SINGLE "GYST" HERE ! LEARN MORE ABOUT J3M HERE ----------- In this episode of the Black Gold Podcast, I sit down with the multitalented musician, Jemuel Roberts. We dive deep into his fascinating journey, b…
March 25, 2024

Second, Be of Value to Others — The Story of Dr. Nkem Okeke

In this episode of the Black Gold Podcast, I interview Dr. Nkem Okeke. She is a multifaceted healthcare professional, entrepreneur, and educator with a rich background that spans across continents and sectors within the heal…
Feb. 2, 2024

Excellence In Ministry — The Story of Dr. Olu Shabazz

In this episode of Black Gold Podcast, I interview Dr. Olu Shabazz, an esteemed minister, renowned speaker, and respected leader in the field of ministry excellence. Dr. Shabazz and I delve into the themes of his book "Excel…