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May 9, 2023

Walking the Path of Sensual Mysticism - with Rachel Pringle | Awakened Love EP 26

Walking the Path of Sensual Mysticism - with Rachel Pringle | Awakened Love EP 26
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This week's episode features tantric embodiment guide Rachel Pringle.


In this episode Angel and Rachel reflect on their own personal journeys into the dark, and the necessity of passing through the caves consciousness in order to reach the bright lights of illumination and empowerment.


They both revere the less-than-perfect moments in life as the ultimate source material for the art they've created. They spend time discussing what it means to walk the path of the artist, and insist that a masterpiece does not come from perfection, but from embracing what is.






0:00 Intro

1:49 Moving to Ibiza: Rest and Creativity

4:53 Alchemy through the Artistic Process

10:15 Eros: Experiencing the Beauty & Freedom of Life

17:11 We Need Community

22:59 Living Boldly

27:11 Being a Seeker of Truth

28:18 Comfort is Not Safety

42:14 Making A Masterpiece of Life

50:12 Be With Your Body

53:54 Conclusion




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