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Nov. 9, 2023

Midwives: The Original Witches - Home Births with Lindsey Meehlies

Midwives: The Original Witches - Home Births with Lindsey Meehlies

In this episode of Awakened Love, Angel is joined by Lindsey Meehlies: Spiritual Midwife. For the past 20 years, Lindsey Meehlies has worked in healthcare, helping women discover their own strength through psychedelic, transcendent experiences while they birth their babies in power at home. As well as serving in the shadows of death as a Midwife who helps people cross the rainbow bridge. She serves families from womb to tomb, like many medicine women have done throughout time, with a deep remembering that many of these witches were burned at the stake for their threat to the standard industrialized complex. 

Is the Medical Industrialized Complex still burning Midwives as Witches? A question answered in depth in this profound conversation.

They also deep dive into : 

  • The Sacredness of Homebirth 
  • The persecution of midwives during witch trials: “Were midwives the Original Witches?”
  • Recognizing Fear vs Intuition when giving Birth
  • How Sexual Trauma can Resurface during Labor


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