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First episode
🙏🏽🙌🏽 Baby Energy… I teach ages 3-99 But that? That was Ah-Ha!

Newcomer- hooked!
I stumbled on this via another person’s Instagram! So much wisdom and genuine caring being shared! Literally lights you up!! :)

Such an inspiration!
I am so excited that Angel started this podcast. Her first episode on darkness and shadow energy was SO relatable that it gave me chills! She is incredibly well spoken and thoughtful - I can’t wait to see what other topics she covers in the show.

Such a light
I loved this first episode and can not wait to hear more! Such a great topic to begin with! Love the relatability and clarity in Angelika’s communication. ✨🤍

Pure love
I could listen to your voice allll day! It’s so comforting. Loved this first episode and I can’t wait to hear more 💜💜

Amazing! Can’t wait for more 😍
This resonated with me so much! I can feel the energy through her voice and got so much wisdom just from 30 minutes 🤩 So excited to hear more!!!

A legend
Angel is a powerhouse, filled with wisdom, love and ninja-like clarity. I highly recommend this podcast and all her offerings to anyone ready to get LIT UP❤️

Rethinking fearful energy
I loved this first episode! I was touched by your story of perceiving demonic energy and how reframing it can change everything. I typically am terrified of the dark - running out of rooms and up/down stairs after flipping a light switch. I’ve perceived darkness as terrible energy but just see now that the energy is just my discomfort with the inability to see everything and thus feeling alone. Your story was so insightful - thank you!!

A True Angel
She is so well spoken and speaks from a place of wholeness. I appreciate so much the perspectives that Angelika presents on this podcast and am looking forward to joining her on this journey through self discovery. With love, light, and the goodness of all!

I am so excited to have access to this! I love listening to Angel. She is so inspiring!!

Over the last few years following Angels work I’ve been so touched by her wisdom and real insights of how our minds perceive the world around us. Her voice alone is encouraging, soothing and uplifting, I’m super excited for these podcasts! 💕

So excited for more of YOU! Shining star!

Conscious Deliciousness
Angelika is so entertaining, raw and vulnerable while sharing valuable insights she’s learned on her journey. HIGHLY recommend giving her podcast a listen!!

Lit up for life, FOR LIFE!
Such a beautiful and poignant speaker. Great insight into a very relevant topic. Enjoyed the fresh perspective 💛✨

What a strong introduction to Angel!
Wow. I recently became a fan of Angel via instagram and was so excited to find her newly launched podcast. A clear source of authentic loving magic, Angel emits her wisdom and personal story with a warm inviting tone that is a yummy balance of calming and engaging. As someone constantly looking for inspiring sources for spiritual growth and who has always felt pressure to hide her felt connection to the supernatural frequencies of the world, I am so delighted and relieved to have found Angel. Her willingness and gentle openess with who she is.. and her ability to weave her experiences of darkness/ light/ love into universal relevancies of the world are a true gift. Cannot wait for more episodes. Thank you, Angelika! -Amanda (Bangarang) 💖✨

Lit up 4 life
Angel by name, Angel by nature 💖🙏🏽✨

So much ❤️!
What an amazing woman with incredible insights. Grateful for this.

Lighting me up!
I always find such resonance and depth in the wisdom Angel shares. The way she explains concepts and provides practical tools is enlivening and empowering. Thank you for your service, it is so powerfully received!

Angel is an Oracle
Angel is a pure channel and incredible transmitter of all things consciousness expanding and life bettering!! I am so grateful for this podcast and the wisdom that flows through her and into us all!! Thank you Angel for being a clear seer, insanely powerful communicator, and such an activation for us all!

Love your unique voice and your raw vulnerability! Can’t wait to hear more and more of your wisdom!

Insightful and funny
It has value and is entertaining

So epic!
This podcast is really fresh and inspiring. The wisdom she puts in all her work is so valuable and I’m stoked to see her in podcasting now!

This woman is LIT!
Thanks Angel for sharing your wisdom. Appreciate your authenticity and integrity. ‘Life is the frequency olympics’, and we are in this together. Thank you for being the embodiment of the work. Excited for all your shares to come!

Feeling Lit from Listening to Angel Alana!!
Wow! I just stumbled across The Lit Up podcast while I was on itunes looking for something inspiring, and boy did I get what I was looking for! Angel's voice was immediately so soothing, and I love how relatable she is while also being so knowledgable and an expert. I listened to episode one, in which she tells the story of going from being an energetically sensitive child to becoming a professional yogi and healer and learning that it is our story about our experiences and life, rather than the experience or life itself, that creates fear within us. This woman is such a beacon of wisdom, power and light... I can't wait to hear more from Angel!

So powerful!
This woman is a pure channel! Her wisdom is authentic and vibrant, not to be missed!!

This is an incredible podcast! So grateful to get this insight and inspiration! Life changer for sure!

Powerful, potent & poignant
I have been a fan of this incredible woman for a while now. I love how Angelica has the ability to penetrate he soul with her words. This podcast is going help & guide so many people. Thank you Angel 🙏❤️

Your life will soar with Angel in your life!
If I could have asked for someone to have a podcast it would be Angel. I have the privilege to call her a coach and a dear friend for the last 5 years. As a coach she guided me to my own healing and empowerment journey as I took my power back after a tough relationship ended. With her on my side I got into the top medical school for Physical Therapy and hosted an international yoga trip I had dreamed of doing but had yet to put into reality. Beyond the 3D accomplishments, she always reminds me to follow my true north and to “subscribe” to the beliefs that serve me and make me feel good. Her voice is a little angel on my shoulder reminding me of truth. I can honestly say she is a real earth life Angel and being immerser in wisdom, spunk, laughter and lightness is the best blessing.

Life Coach in your Pocket
Relatable, wise, funny and always giving me insights and ah-ha moments - Angel’s the teacher I wish I’d had when I was younger.