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March 14, 2023

Waking Up, Growing Up, and the Power of Devotion - with Andre Duqum | Awakened Love EP 22

Waking Up, Growing Up, and the Power of Devotion - with Andre Duqum | Awakened Love EP 22

Andre Duqum, host of the Know Thyself Podcast and founder of Meraki Media, joins us this week to bring some deeply embodied wisdom he has accumulated on the path of self knowledge.

He takes us into the difference between waking up and growing up, and explains why both are crucial to the process of self-actualization. He also shares his insights around conscious relationships and what makes long-term relationships possible.

His ideas on the difference between devotion and motivation invite us to explore where our impulse for action is really coming from, and how we might begin making small steps in the direction of doing the things that call to our hearts.

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0:00 Intro

4:59 Navigating media

7:13 Pornography

11:07 Waking Up vs. Growing Up

23:40 Relationship mastery

32:49 Navigating conflict 

41:23 Devotion vs. Motivation

46:15 Creative intelligence

53:01 How to surrender

57:35 Conclusion


André developed a passion for story-telling through content creation early on when he realized the power it can have on people. Video storytelling has the capacity to be a tool that uplifts & inspires or it can spread unconsciousness and fear. 

Having a strong calling to contribute to the rise in consciousness that is happening on this planet, he created Meraki Media - a production company aimed at uplifting the voices of societies’ game-changers, rule-breakers and light-workers. 

Today, he pours his energy into the Know Thyself podcast by utilizing his life experience and passion for asking powerful questions to unveil spiritual wisdom that is both practical and digestible.

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