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March 28, 2023

Relationship Advice from a Jealousy Expert - with Kathy Labriola | Awakened Love EP 23

Relationship Advice from a Jealousy Expert - with Kathy Labriola | Awakened Love EP 23

This week's guest is mental health professional Kathy Labriola. Kathy shares her insight on a very potent and timely topic for society as a whole – relationship agreements, polyamory, and jealousy.

Kathy breaks down the difference between jealousy, envy and coveting to help us understand the subtle energetic difference and the behavioral manifestations of these three emotional states.

She also helps us understand the range of different approaches to polyamory, and how our needs in relationship stem from our traumas.

Kathy also encourages those of us who prefer monogamy to explore more openness and allowance of love in our partner's lives.


0:00 Jealousy, Envy and Coveting

9:34 Open-Minded Monogamy 

11:34 Hard-Wired For Jealousy

15:25 Healthy Expression of Jealousy

17:23 Managing Sensitivity to Jealousy

21:56 Polyamory As An Orientation

28:40 Relationship Agreements

52:20 Navigating Communication Around Jealousy 

56:08 Conclusion


Kathy Labriola is a nurse, counselor, and hypnotherapist in Berkeley, California. She has provided affordable mental health services to alternative communities for the past 30 years. Kathy is author of Love in Abundance: A Counselor's Advice on Open Relationships, The Jealousy Workbook, The Polyamory Break-up Book: Causes, Survival, and Polyamorous Elders: Aging in Open Relationships. She has been a card-carrying bisexual and polyamorist for 50 years. She is extra crunchy, rides a bike, lives in a housing cooperative, grows organic vegetables and raises chickens.

She can be reached at (510)841-5307 or at



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