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Oct. 6, 2022

Love Archetypes, Turn-on, & Play Parties - with Josefina Bashout | Awakened Love S2 EP 12

Love Archetypes, Turn-on, & Play Parties - with Josefina Bashout | Awakened Love S2 EP 12

The P*ssy Priestess, Josefina Bashout, dives deep into claiming your pleasure in life. She shares how we can use archetypes to understand love, what it means to invoke the Queen, and how to move through rejection with grace. Her and Angel also explain their experiences with play parties, and finding freedom on the other side of an 'edge'.




0:00 Intro

2:05 Lessons from Love

8:22 Fairytales & Archetypes 

25:56 Invoking the Queen

34:19 Rejection

43:58 Play Parties 

57:02 Honoring the Body

1:02:28 Finding Community 

1:08:35 Conclusion



Josfina Bashout:


Josefina Bashout aka "The Pussy Priestess"  is an international Feminine Empowerment Expert, Tantric Love & Sex Educator, & Certified Advanced Spiritual Psychologist utilizing her certifications alongside her 20 years of dance training to mentor women & couples across the world. 
Featured in LA Yoga, Voyage LA, Medium, Rama Institute, Evertalk TV, Latin Nation TV, and many other American talk shows, Josèfina's mission is to empower women in reclaiming their erotic essence as a pathway to embody their wildest, happiest & most multi-orgasmic potential. 
She works with women worldwide who are ready to deepen in self-intimacy, and body acceptance helping them experience spectacular sex and get more of everything they want in life! 
Josefina has de-mystified the secrets of sacred sexuality to make them accessible to the modern masses bringing in science with her practical and sexy real-life approach in applying these teachings to her healing clients. She has a sensual, soulful, and spiritual approach to life making her equally popular with male and female audiences. 
Josefina is the creator & host of the podcast The Pussy Priestess Show. 
She now coaches private clients and runs online courses as well as offers digital courses. Josefina is the creator of The Way Of The Priestess™  a 12-week online immersive women’s sexual empowerment journey and global women’s community rooted in sisterhood. She has also crafted her own signature methodology for healing & personal empowerment coined the L.O.V.E MEthod™ which she has turned into an 8-week go at your own pace, Self-Coaching Program.  
In addition to her programs, she also facilitates retreats & live transformational experiences worldwide that have taken her work to South America, Costa Rica, & Puerto Rico & Mexico.

Learn more about Josèfina work and become a part of her erotic revolution at keep up with her on IG @pusssypriestess 



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