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July 25, 2023

How to Have a Happily Ever After Relationship - with Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks | Awakened Love S2 EP 30

How to Have a Happily Ever After Relationship - with Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks | Awakened Love S2 EP 30

In this episode of Awakened Love, relationship coaches Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks share their insights on how to have a happily ever after relationship. Drawing from their decades of experience working with couples, they offer practical tips and tools for fostering love, connection, and intimacy. As pioneers in the 'conscious loving' conversation, they reveal the practices that have kept their relationship strong for decades.


Whether you're single or in a relationship, their guidance can help you create a more fulfilling and joyful love life. Tune in to this enlightening conversation and learn how to cultivate a relationship that stands the test of time.




0:00 Intro

1:24 The Challenges & Rewards of Working With Your Partner

6:17 33 Years of “Conscious Loving” Book: How the Collective Has Shifted Since

9:45 Telling the Truth in Relationship

17:30 From Codependence to Conscious Loving

24:46 Tools for Befriending Fear & Reclaiming Choice

28:20 Why We Bring Past Pain into Relationships

36:18 Learning to Listen Better

38:33 The Power of Taking Space

41:33 Being Triggered vs Mistreated

44:02 Igniting Intimacy in Partnership

52:30 Conclusion



Gay Hendricks and Kathlyn Hendricks have been

pioneers in the fields of body intelligence and

relationship transformation for more than forty years.

They’ve mastered ways to translate powerful concepts

and life skills into experiential processes where people

can discover their own body intelligence and easily

integrate life-changing skills. Katie and Gay have

empowered hundreds of coaches around the world to

add a body intelligence perspective to enhance fields

from medicine to sports psychology, education and

personal growth. Together and singly they have authored

more than forty books, including such bestsellers as

Conscious Loving, The Big Leap, Conscious Loving Ever

After: How to Create Thriving Relationships at Midlife

and Beyond and The Genius Zone. They have appeared

on more than 500 television and radio programs,

including Oprah, 48 Hours and others. More

information on Drs. Hendricks can be found at and




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