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June 14, 2022

How Empowerment Coaching can Transform your Life - with Joely | Awakened Love S2 EP7

How Empowerment Coaching can Transform your Life - with Joely | Awakened Love S2 EP7
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Angel is joined by her coaching client, Joely, to share how the process of coaching has changed her life. Joley describes what to look for in a coach - and what to expect when you begin to do 'the work'. She also shares the blockages that Angel helped her move through, and the methods that she found useful on the journey.





0:00 Intro

2:21 Finding a Coach

5:47 Blockages in Coaching

9:07 Angelika’s Modalities 

16:09 What’s Changed For Joely

25:31 Conclusion



Joely is an embodiment and breath coach. Her life’s mission is to guide Women into a life embodied. To live life fully alive in the body. She specialties in body-based practices and is a breathwork guide. Healing her own body from auto immune traumas, burnout and multiple episodes of deep depression her trauma-based approach holds Women in sacred safety as they re-awaken back home to themselves. Formally a sports physical trainer, personal trainer and professional dancer in London, Joely has lived many lives within her body. Her experience expands a multitude of fields and she continues to dive deeper with both herself and those she meets.





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