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Dec. 20, 2022

Death, Rebirth, and Letting Go - with Zahara Zimring | Awakened Love S2 EP16

Death, Rebirth, and Letting Go - with Zahara Zimring | Awakened Love S2 EP16
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Liberation Artist & Coach, Zahara Zimring, shares her experience of death and rebirth in life. Astrologically, we go through 7 year cycles, and intense transformation tends to happen during the end of the old cycle. In this theme, Zahara went through a massive death process at 28 & 35 and shares that story with us today. She shares how in the ashes of her old life, she was able to be reborn into a greater experience of liberation. 

She explains her tools for overcoming the fear of loss, and how to release resistance to the unavoidable changes in life.




0:00 Intro

5:55 7 Year Cycles - The Breakdown 

27:34 You Don’t have to do it alone

35:44 Overcoming the Fear of Loss

49:36 Releasing Resistance

58:18 Rapid Fire Questions

1:01:08 Conclusion



Zahara Zimring:


Zahara is a Liberation Artist and transformational facilitator who serves as a catalyst for women and men to expand beyond their fear-based edges and embody the most LIBERATED and AUTHENTIC expression of their higher self-consciousness.

It is her mission to serve as a catalyst for soul-level liberation, by creating safe, raw, wild ceremonial spaces for healing and expansion to happen.







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